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Timberline Police model


knife law moderator
Dec 25, 1998
What can anyone tell me about the Timberline police model? Is it a good knife? What does it look like?
Shootist, are you referring to the Special Service folder by any chance?

I have seen the special service folder, but I am refering to one they call the police model. Discount knives sells them but they do not have a picture. Someone said it has a unique locking mechanism called the Neeley lock.
Timberline does make a Police model which is a fairly conventional Zytel handled drop point bladed folder except for the special locking mechanism Timberline uses. It is far less expensive than the Special Services model. If memory serves, it has a list price of around $62 or so. I'm sure both models are listed on our web site so, if the mood strikes, you can check the pricing there. For Shootist I would say the Timberline Police is a good value. It's a good product and very competitive with other products in its price range. Take care.

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Knife Outlet

The Police Model Folder


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I would like to thank all who responded. I think I will stick with the Spyderco Police model.