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Timberline/Spyderco SPECIAL SERVICE Knife

Oct 3, 1998
Does anyone have info regarding quality and fit/finish of this collaboration between Spyderco and Timberline! Thanks, JEFF
Fit and finish are typcial Spyderco. No complains about the craftmanship in general. The only problem I had was with the thumb hole. Not only the contra functional form, it also was sharp on the inside. It took me some time to smoothen it with a round diamond hone. It's still not as good as a round one, but managable.

The knife in general is fairly big and heavy. The blade is very sharp and has no play whatsoever. The lock works fine. The clip is changeable from left to right, which makes this knife perfect for southpawns. The bladeform looks cool, but an Endura is more functional.

In summary: design above function, but still a working folder in very good quality.