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TiNives Tactical Speedroller-A Review

Jan 15, 2000
I received my TiNives Tactical Speedroller on Friday and thought I would post some initial impressions. This is the manual-action model, and I ordered the 4.25 inch blade in polished (mirror) finish with candy apple red handles (we can’t all be tactical, as Mr. Mattis says) and no clip.


OAL = 9.5”

Blade= 4.25" (tip to leading edge of handle)

Steel= 1/8" 154CM

Finish= mirror (blade and hardware)

Handle=aluminum slabs, anodized red, secured by three hex-screws from the back.

Sheath=black leatherette with steel clip covered in the same material.

Action=manual-dual thumb studs with rubber inlays.

Initial impressions:

Blade: The edge is scary sharp, and the mirror finish is nicely done. I don’t normally care for a mirror polish, but Scott Self (owner of TiNives) recommended it when I was ordering, and I have to admit it looks great. The tip of the blade is a little less “pointy” than I would have expected that is, it is not a neele point), but it is still plenty sharp and looks durable. Overall the blade looks much more hand-ground than machine made.

Handle: I was most surprised by the handle. I was expecting that the handle would have a slick anodized surface, but I was way off. It actually has a matte, brushed finish with very fine checkering that provides a good grip. The color is a deep intense red. There are some very tiny chips (smaller than a pinpoint) in the anodizing around the pivot and along the spine where the halves of the handle meet. They are not noticeable from more than a foot away and are not enough to detract from the appearance of the knife.

Action: This is simply the smoothest knife I have ever cycled. It appears that Larry Chew’s Needle Bearing System lives up to its press (and if this is a production example of “the voodoo that Chew do” then I cannot imagine how smooth a custom piece would be). The button lock engages and disengages smoothly. It feels secure, although I have not spine-whacked it (I fear marring the mirror finish). When the knife is locked, there is zero play in the blade. It does not lock in the closed position. I believe that the only model that does that is the Tactical Lockup, which is not what I have. I don’t know what kind of détente a button lock uses but this one feels very secure.

Ergonomics: The handle overall is very comfortable. It is nicely sculpted and has no sharp edges. Keeping in mind that I have large but slender hands, I think I would like to have about another 1/4" of inside curve to the handle, as I find my pinky riding up a bit on the “peak” at the end of this curve. I CAN get a very comfortable grip by sliding my hand forward a bit and resting my thumb on the top of the blade (there is a slight bulge right above the thumbstuds but there is not quite a thumb ramp on this knife) but then I find myself wishing for more grip there (on a knife like this filework would probably look superb and satisfy the need nicely).

Carry: I opted for the pouch in pocket sheath, so there is no clip on the knife. I carried the whole rig all day yesterday and it is surprisingly comfortable. When I first put it in my pocket I thought it was exceptionally bulky but that perception quickly faded, replaced by a sense of comfort that I could easily confirm the knife’s continued presence (This is the most expensive knife that I have ever pressed into what will be a daily carry role. Now I know how new Sebenza owners must feel.). The covered clip is a nice touch. I wore the knife at a party for eight hours yesterday and nobody noticed what I had in my pocket.

Deployment: The sheath for this knife is clearly designed for the automatic model. The top of the sheath dips down to expose the button and pivot, so if this were automatic it would be a simple matter to draw the knife and pop it open in one smooth motion. The design of this sheath presents several difficulties for the manual version that I own. There are no provisions inside to accommodate the thumbstuds, although the foam lining is already deforming around them to make some space. I thought that the rubber inlays would cause them to hang up inside the sheath, but that is not the case either. I may either have a sheath made for this knife or send it back to TiNives to have a clip mounted on it (I asked about this and it is a very reasonable $15 charge) but I haven’t decided yet.

Pre-Sale Service: This was superb. I spoke with Debbie Self when I placed my order and she was extremely pleasant to deal with. I had some questions that she could not answer so she said that she would have Scott call me back. He did in fact call me back promptly the next day with all the answers I needed. I personally am not used to this level of service and it was very refreshing indeed.

Fundamentally I really like this knife. It is the most expensive cutlery purchase I have made to date, as regards items I was not able to handle or view in advance, and I am not disappointed. I predict that it will be one of my top choices for daily carry.

Sounds great. Do you have any pics?

Dennis Bible
Let me see what I can do about pics. I will shoot some today and if I can borrow time on my friend's scanner then I will have some by the middle of next week.......