Tis' the season to be jolly...

Oct 3, 1998
Because cristmas is here and new knives for all.

So...What knives is everyone getting for cristmas?

I'm giving about 5 of my friends Spydie Q knives.

I'm not getting any knives.

Nobody I know wants to give me a knife.
Nobody I know wants me to give them a knife.
Most of the people I know want computer junk
like software and new parts and stuff. I
insist that they should ask Comrade Santa
Claus for a knife (I'm Comrade Santa), but
they always turn the offer down, even though
they don't hate knives, they just don't want

Comrade Chang
My permit to buy knives expired last week!!

I'm saving to buy a new house so I have to work to get extra money to buy knives and to make things worse I'm not buying anything that's not Microtech or custom made!! In fact I sold all my Benchmades & Spyderco's (just kept the police...)

So let's say that I want the Crawford kasper, which is like $400, I have $200 already but the other $200 are far away......

Maybe a miracle happen...

Joel Pirela
Graphic & Knife Designer

I just bought 10 Leatherman Waves from ABC as gifts to my friends and family. Can't beat the deal. Also got a few Kiss's and a few laser pointers to boot. I should be getting, if my wife caught my numerous hints, a Chris Reeve Sebenza!

I also want a good fixed blade for under $200 any ideas?

Scuba Doo
O.k. Riker! So you're the reason my Wave is on backorder! Thanks alot!

A gift from me to me - MD Panther

although it won't arrive in time for Christmas.

I orderd the Rifleman's knife from Jim Hrisoulas. On his site it says 12-16 weeks for out of stock stuff. So I thought it would be way late of xmas but he e-mail me and said it would be done by xmas. Nice surprise.