To the Point : Mad Dog ATAK vs. Mission MPKS

Cliff Stamp

Oct 5, 1998
Nice job in the review Mike. One note, when you comment on the ATAK tip bending instead of breaking and finding this a bit odd, MD knives have soft tips, they are not at 62+ RC like the rest of the edge. Hilton Yam bent the tip on the ATAK proto and the tip of a DSU2 bent in the pull up part of the simulated Navy Trials when it was overstressed accidently.

This is actually an interesting problem and one of the difficulties with steels that need differential tempers. If you leave the tip at full edge hardness then it would be much too brittle for impacts and such. However if you soften it similar to the spine it will deform and not return to true strongly. Commonly it is put somewhere between the two.

By the way you might want to consider a specific forum for the magazine so the article authors would be able to find feedback more easily.

That's an excellent idea!!! A forum where magazine members can discuss the content openly without having to fear that they "spill the beans". This forum could be acessible with the same password as the magazine.
Ralf --

I think (hope) Cliff was proposing the new forum so that it would help the authors, not to exclude non-subscribers. If you've got a good product, you *want* non-subscribers to see people discussing the articles, even if there's some spilling of the proverbial beans! It makes people want to see the real deal so they can get in on the discussion.

In fact, seeing this conversation in this forum has reminded me that I haven't subscribed to the magazine yet. Be right back ...

Yes, basically just have a forum where the magazine could be discussed. The main reason being it would be far easier for writers to get feedback. This is one of the greatest advantages that the online magazine has.

You could go even further and have each article linked to a thread in the magazine forum which would be created when the magazine came out. This would allow a reader not only to get the writers opinion but to see the reaction to it.

I read that article and was aware of it as what Mike was probably basing his comments on. My intention was simply to provide examples of what actually happens to the knives under stress, regardless of the perspective of the maker. The actual main body of the knives will take a bend rather than break as well. This is normal behavior for selectively tempered blades. The only part that will suffer sudden failure when stressed is the edge.

By the way Mike, did you notice any difference in the durability of the coatings?


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The feedback forum seems like a good idea. It should be a forum which everyone can see. This should help the authors and promote the magazine at the same time.
Cliff, that was one of the things which came to my mind immediately after reading the article. I felt it should have included a part where the coating gets tested as well. How abrasion resistant are they, how do they protect from rust and how to they hold up on impact, or in the case of a bending tip?
Mike returned my second generation ATAK2 which, along with NamViet Vo's first gen ATAK was used in the tests.

Mine was the one subjected to the bending tests. There is a slight remaining bend in the last half inch or so of the blade, with the tip being perhaps 1/16" out of true. There are a few tiny chips on the edge, near the tip of the blade (I believe Mike said that these were the result of accidental contact with concrete).

The hard chrome finish is intact, with no flaking or chipping.

I am going to return it to Mad Dog for resharpening and straightening of the tip.

Hope this helps, Walt