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Today's outage, what happened.


HPIC - Hatas gonna Hate
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Oct 2, 1998
I found out about the site outage from Gus when I returned from the show today and quickly notified tech support to find out what had happened. The SysAdmin's for the servers got the site up again in about a half hour, and promised that they would look at the time stamp problem in the morning.

The reason that the site had been down for such a long time is that our site had inadvertantly omitted from the "automatic alert" list that notifies the admins when a site goes down. Now, if our site goes down again, they will automatically be paged via beeper, and the site should be back up again in a short amount of time.

I apologize for the outage and the delay in getting it back up, just a further reason for me to have a laptop and celluar modem, I guess....

Want me to post the 24 hour tech support number for our hosting company, so that you guys can flood them with calls when the site goes down? Just kidding....


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