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Tom Berenger's knife in last of the Dogmen

Discussion in 'General Knife Discussion' started by Tack, Jan 18, 2005.

  1. Tack


    Jan 18, 2005
    Hi Everybody,
    This is a long shot but here goes.
    In the film "Last of the Dogmen" Tom Berenger, the star, possessed a large drop point camp knife with what appeared to be a seven or eight inch blade and a wood, traditionallly shaped handle secured by six brass pins. The guard was brass and shaped as a finger guard similar to the Puma White Hunter. On the back of the blade, immediately in front of the guard was a file worked thumb recess. The knife was of full tang construction and was hollow ground.
    Try as I might, and I have been looking for over a year, I cannot find this knife or anything remotely like it anywhere.
    Does anyone know of this knife? If it was custom made, who was the maker? If factory produced, by whom?
    I would dearly love to own a knife just like it.
    All help gratefully received
  2. Paton Knives made it. Cool movie, I actually bought this one on DVD.
  3. John Satchell

    John Satchell

    Dec 28, 2001
  4. Ripper


    Jul 2, 2000
    Welcome to the forums!
    Dick Patton made a knife for that movie. Info on it is located here.

    Edit: oops, I see The Last Confederate and John posted the info as I was typing.
  5. redhawk44p


    Jan 10, 2004
    Holy smoke that knife is gorgeous. :eek: How much is it?
  6. Tack


    Jan 18, 2005
    Isn't it typical, I look for over a year for a knife. Endless hours staring at a computer screen or poring over magazines and books, time my wife could easily have filled with D.I.Y. or other more useful endeavors and bam! within a few hours you guys have found the answer.
    Seriously, it was amazing but its funny how the memory plays tricks on you. I pictured the knife somewhat different from that on the Patton Knives site. Still the Mini-Bowie is certainly the one.
    Once again, manty thanks for the help

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