Top 5 Favorite brands and Why

Feb 18, 1999
It's been a process of back-and-forth, but I've come to the conclusions based on what I actually prefer to buy/carry/use. 1. Spyderco. Variety of sizes/shapes, prefer blade holes, excellent edge geometry, not afraid to use. 2. Benchmade/Cold Steel. These two are tied. I like the designs and materials BM has, and the ruggedness of CS. 3. Victorinox. SAK's are excellent light duty using tools. 4. Buck. Partly nostalgic, but say what you will, usually Buck has good, consistent quality for the $. 5. ? Need time to think about it.
Don't know if this thread is worthwhile...:O Jim
You came pretty close to my list.

1. Victorinx
2. Spyderco
4. Cold Steel
5. Benchmade

Also, The list will change eventually when my knife budget can support a few of the higher-end knives mentioned on the forums.

So many knives, so little time (and money).
Jim, I think this is a worthwhile thread. Here's this week's picks for me in no particular order:

*Victorinox-- Not only do they make the SAKs that so many of us carry daily, but they make my favorite kitchen knife series in the Fibrox handled series imported by Forschner

Next is a tie between *Frost's of Sweden* and *KJ Erikson*. They both make really great, amazingly inexpensive using knives that are easily the equal of knives costing far more. I have a slight preference for KJ Erikson Mora knives, but only a slight preference. The Mora 2000 is one of the best sleeper bargains on the planet, as far as I'm concerned.

*Spyderco--- I don't like all their models, but they are primarily responsible for the hole opening, lightweight pocketclip folder and for bringing the Santoku shape to the attention of American cooks. Also, I'd bet that a good many of us got started in our accumulation of "better than hardware store brand" knives with Spydercos. ;-)

*Blackjack Knives--- They may be deceased, but they were the first co. that I know of to bring an assortment of previously "custom only" steels and shapes into the realm of production knives at affordable prices.

Lastly is a tie between *Cold Steel and *Ontario Knives. --- The reason is that both companies offer huge selections of good strong useful shapes and both companies still offer carbon steel knives at reasonable prices. Say what you want about Lynn Thompson, but he has been willing to bring various shapes and tools to the public that nobody else seems willing to attempt.

Well, OK, I cheated. That's more than 5 brands. ;-)


Instead of five brands, how about what qualities do you value and who makes knives with those qualities?

I like the hole as seen on the BM AFCK and Spyderco products.

I like top notch quality of construction and materials without the custom or semi-custom price. EDI Genesis comes to mind along with the BUCK Master Series 110.

Useful utility is always good. I don't need a vice grip multi-tool in my pocket but, pliers, can openers, etc. do come in handy. In a big tool, the Leatherman SuperTool has worked out very well for me. In a more normal pocketable tool, Victornox offers great products with enough variety to suit almost anyone. I will note that I have carried a Leatherman SuperTool in my pocket, not in a sheath, for a couple years now to the amazement of any office coworker that can't pull packing staples, cut banding materials, tighten chair bolts, .......

The best brand, is always the one you have when you need it. That Custom ???? at home in the safe does you no good when you are out in the field or at a street corner and need a tool - what you have at the moment is all that counts.

Thanx for replying...wasn't sure anyone would.
I did not mention a number 5...I forgot about my liking for some of the CRKT knives. Now the fact that a brand is not in my top 5 doesn't mean I don't like it. well, let's see if they keep 'em coming. Jim
Here's my list and brief reasons. Note the order of the list does not reflect preference order -- I like them all and merely rotate their use in daily carry.

VICTORINOX SAK every day for its versitility and practicallity.

EDI GENESIS for its high quality and excellent overall utility value (partially serrated blade and excellent grip for my big hands). My principal daily carry blade.

EMMERSON favorites are the Commander, which I carry most frequently and, occassionaly, the CQC7.

COLD STEEL carried in vehicle, my eight-inch recon scout makes a great work and utility tool as well as a practical insurance policy

SPYDERCO Own several, including the Wayne Goddard and Moran designs. As a FB the Moran is a great utility blade and small enough to replace a folder in daily use, especially with the Edge Works tactical sheath offered by Chai Cutlery.

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Well I can tell you 1 is Spyderco! I don't have 4 more to put on my list since I really don't buy factory knives. Other that BlackJack's! Which I did not count as they are no longer in business.


Tom Carey
I don't have a particular order, but Spyderco and Benchmade are definitely on my fave list. I regularly become attached to my latest product from either company Cold Steel I'm a bit more cautious about, but it too ends up on my list. And Leatherman, though it's not technically a knife company. Don't really have a 5th fave...

This a tough one.
List is not in any particular order.
1. Buck - They started the game.
2. Cold Steel - Good quality/innovative designs/introduced the Tanto (to America)
3. Spyderco - Excellent quality/"the hole"/new model every Wednesday
4. Gerber - Usually good quality, inexpensive
Here is where we go into the creative numbering

5a. Puma - (Before they discovered plastic)
5b. Schrade - Inexpensive/No High Tech, but probably accounted for
a whole lot of "My First Knife"
1. Emerson knives because he is the man!

2. Leatherman because I almost can't live without it.

3. Benchmade *

4. Spyderco *

5. REKAT because they make knives that are workhorses as well as innovative. This is a company to watch. (I wonder if they are selling stock?

*3 and 4 are almost interchangeable. I like both these companies for the same reasons. They are continuosly developing new products, are improving old ones, and they listen to wants and concerns of ELU's
Hi all!
1 Spyderco
2 Randall
3 Leatherman
4 Ek Commando knives(yes, I know they are out of business)
5 Cold Steel

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Great question!

1. Buck, because it was the cool thing to carry on your belt before the Dukes of Hazzard TV show came around.

2. Victorinx, because of the wild imagination this company had in developing a knife for every situation.

3. Gerber, for their fighting and survival knives----Hey, a knife with anchor pins,why not?

4. Schrade, cheap,foolproof and usually can be bought at any discount or hardware store.

5. Sears Craftmen, Yea I know somebody else makes their knives but I like store brand anyways.

Got to love Mom's Kimchee!
Spyderco and Benchmade are my favorites, based solely on the criteria of what I own the most of, and what I carry most often. If I have just one knife on my person at a given time, it's likely to be a Spyderco Endura. If I have two on me, the other one will likely be another Spyderco--a serrated Delica. If I have three on me, there's about a 50/50 chance it'll be either yet ANOTHER Spyderco--a Calypso Jr. BM--or a Benchmade Leopard Cub or Benchmade Mini Spike. Oh, I should not neglect the Victorinox SwissTool, which I always have on my belt if I'm awake.
So, here's my list of favorites, in order:


David Rock
1. If I don't carry Victorinox as much as I used to, it's only because I've lost so many of them, I now put one in each car and at work...

2. so that I can carry my stag-handled Puma...

3. both of which replaced my old Buck penknives that were more expensive to lose than the Victorinox.

4. I expect my first lock-blade one-hander purchase at a knife show next month, so either a Spydie or an EDI probably comes next, and I hope the clip breaks a long-running lost-knife record.

5. Gerber tool-steel knives from the 70's.

1. Spyderco
2. Marbles
3. Cold Steel
5. Leatherman

Take care,