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TOPS Knives

Oct 6, 2000
I have recently purchased knives from TOPS Knives. I don't regularly hear much about this company, but they make some really incredible knives. The last one I purchased is one of their new big Magnum Folders. I was really astounded at the fine craftsmanship and strength of the knife. I wanted to pass the word on to those interesed. I am in no way associated with TOPS. Just like their product.
Welcome to the forums. You live mighty close by to me. It`s nice to see some local folks on the forum. The only TOPS knife I ever owned was a Street Scalpel which I recently sold. It was a pretty thick piece of steel for a such a tiny knife. A real prybar!
Yes I too have one of the Street Scalpels. I like it because it is strong and acutally quite unique. Mine is one with the Micarta handle and is made of stainless.
I got a TOPS Firestrike (I think thats what its called)in a trade and it seem like a very strong knife. I love the way it fits my hand and the linen micarta is very cool looking especially with the red spacers next to the tang. I don't think you will be unhappy. I think this will be one of my keepers.


Bremerton, Washington
Hello guys, a quick note to let you know the knew site is up and running with some knew pics as well. We also have some new links to pages. www.topsknives.com will get you there. Thanks for all the feedback, positive as well as constructive. we will keep our chins down and moving forward.

with thanks,