TOPS Street Scalpel review.

Apr 19, 1999
Hi Folks! Got the KFF thingy going on in the general forum but it doesn't need a review here.

I just got my TOPS Street Scalpel 2 days ago and i feel it needs to be heard. The scalpel is excellent for it's value; US$30! Here's what you get; An all black 1/4"(through out!) thick 1095 carbon steel, 7" OAL, black-T coated(like the ones used in cold steel) with cord wrap on the handle. The sheath is VERY well made with a metal(stainless, i think) clip for boot or belt carry. The 2.5" cutting edge is sharp and has a very sharp pointed tip which mimics ancient tanto shape for armour piercing! And i DO mean armour piercing given the design and thickness! I don't think it will serves well for slash cuts due to it's size. It is now in service with me as my back-up knife/pray bar to the KFF. The above mentioned is just IMHO, please feel free to add any information or correct anything that you don't see is right.

Thank you ROY for the little wonder!

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I now own keninshiro's TOPS street scalpel and it is excellent. I love this knife because it is tactical ugly, practically indestructable and the right price. I may order one or two more.