TOPS Street Scalpel


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Oct 14, 1998
Or Spokane Street Scalpel
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First of all, great service by TallPaul/Paul Pfund.

Okay neck knife people, this sucker is a thick and heavy piece in a tactical black 7" package with a 3 3/8 inch blade with 1/4" thickness . Sheath is a kydex strong side IWB unit, though mult carry is available. Handle is cord wrapped, is pretty much flat ground and is my first experience with 1095 steel.

I bought this as more of a beater knife to my Moran, the other choice being a Livesay Lil Pecker.

Performance wise, you feel the weight and the thickness does effect cutting unfortunately adversely. The edge is good and blows away the Stiff KISS I had. I still like the Moran for finer cutting as it is thinner. The porous black finish is nice but collected small bits of paper. Stabbing wise, the first inch consistently goes in each time. Nasty needle point as well.

(A test I do when I get knives is to use the new knife and cut the box it came in. Stabbing, slicing, cutting, etc.)

The kydex sheath feels rather fragile to me (my second experience with kydex, first being a BC Tanto Neck Baby) and sports a metal clip ala DeSantis holsters which feels thin as well. The mouth of the sheath is a bit wide and you can hear the blade rattle IF you remove the entire unit and shake it. The sheath stays firmly secure on the belt.

Decent for it's price and I feel it's best for a person with thick hands. As a neck knife, it's a bit heavy. Utility wise, it's like a tank, better for chopping into a large duct tape box as opposed to finely cutting an envelope. Whatever material is cut, is 'punished'. Drawing is easy, easily the fastest drawing blade I own.

As I understand it, TOPS is new and this is a good start. I would I would make the blade a little thinner for stabbing. I would make the kydex thicker and eliminate the belt clip or get a thicker/tighter clip. I would tend not to wear it upside down and would wear a belt keeper if your not a cop.

For the LEO crowd, this is a decent knife for gun retention. The clip is better for a duty belt anyhow and the stabbing power of this blade is nasty. I'd actually feel sorry for the person being stabbed.

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Hey Smoke...

Sorry this is soooo late,, just found it...

I fell in love with it,, the first time seeing the Scalpel..
With what you just said,, I'm buying one..
Like the looks,, like the name,, and I know TOPS makes good stuff...


Eric E. Noeldechen - OST

Eric E. Noeldechen
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I picked up one of these last week.I bought it as a gag sort of.My dad is a knifemaker and when it comes to blade thickness,we both adhere to the "thinner is better" school of thought.Anyway I bought it because it was the epitome of everything I hate in a small blade:1/4" thickness,funky sheath,swat team looks etc.I was helping him heat treat a batch of blades the next day and I wanted to show him my new "favorite" knife(my dad is a drop-point,stag or wood handled,leather sheath makin' kind of guy).I thought he would probably rip on the TOPS and tell me a drop point hunter was the only way to go.I carried the knife and used it the rest of the day and I started to like it a little.It was really sharp.Cord wrap was done well but I have nothing good to say about the sheath.The next day I spring it on my Dad and he really likes it.I was sure he would think it was too thick,but he really thought it was nice.I guess I didn't know the old man as well as I thought.(i think Santa is going to bring him the Street Scalpel this year...)I have handled a few TOPS knives and all have been too thick to make me want to lay down the cash.I think TOPS is on the right track.If they would make the smaller knives in 1/8" steel with the nice micarta handles they do,the knives would fly off the shelves.I dont need my knives unbreakable-just tough.

I love this knife. It is my neck knife/prybar. I abuse this one unashamedly and it never disappointed me yet. It is thick (1/4") but this aspect attracts me rather than repels me. To me its like a Newt Livesay "Little Pecker" on steroids.