Torx Screw Drivers

Mar 12, 1999
Some time ago someone posted info on where one could obtain a torx screw driver set that was capable of addressing any size that might be found on a knife. I, in my usual meticulous manner, saved that info in a place that only I could find. Guess what? can't find it. Any one recall the site?
Try A G Russells site I know he has them.By foot you could go to either Sears or Home Depot.
Try McMaster-Carr. You can get any size and just about any kind of set you want. Check out the web site, it is amazing! I have been ordering all kinds of hardware items from them for years now as well as the company I work for orders from them as well!

Their catalog is humungous as well!

Hope this is of some help


P.S. Forgot to mention, they have a Forum there, too!

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Jumbi, Sears sells a set of precision screwdrivers that includes flat, phillips, and Torx. The price is reasonable and since they're Craftsman, they have a lifetime guarantee.


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Thanks one and all for the great answers. By the way, you want Torx?, McMaster's got Torx
Mark, you dirty dog! I've got enough problems trying to pay for knives and then you come along with a GIANT tool catalog! Thanks a lot!


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I have a set that I bought about the last year I worked.I got them from a local machine tool supply store.
The set consists of Allen,Allen Metric and Torx T10,T15,T20,T25,T27,T30,and T40.
This is the first and only set of these tools I bought all enclosed.It is of a new design and won't fold over and pinch your fingers like the old ones will.The handle they are enclosed in is cast and very comfortable to hold.It is of very strong construction. I have used mine to adjust the door catches on my car. I got mine on an introductory offer and didn't pay that much for them.


And if you happen to be in Canada some Canadian Tire outlets carry some decent torx sets.

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