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***TRADED***Gen 6 Hinderer XM-18 3.5" Battle Green DLT Exclusive

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Nov 14, 2014
Spear point blade with a working finish. It's in good overall condition with the original factory edge which could use a sharpening at this point. It has been used but not abused. Rock solid lockup, good centering, and the great Gen 6 Hinderer detent. It will come with the Brass Hardware, which looks great in my opinion, as well as the original stainless steel hardware. Box, washers, and tactical peanuts will come with it as well. This is a good full package.

I'm asking $425. Price includes USPS Priority shipping and all PayPal fees. I always appreciate avoiding the fees but please pay whichever way you're most comfortable. First "I'll take it" in the comments followed by a prompt PM or email and payment gets it. USA sales only please. As far as trades go I'd love a XM-18 wharnie or a non flipper, beyond that I'm not looking for anything specific. I'm not opposed to multiples, or trades plus cash. Don't be afraid to throw something out there as every offer will receive a prompt and polite response. If you have any questions please PM me here or email me huck@huckleberryreviews.com thanks!



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