Traditional Pocket Knives: Hen and Rooster/Henkels/Schott and Morgan

Oct 3, 1998
Does anyone know any info regarding the various different brands of pocket knives and their quality etc...Thanks, Jeff
Thats a big order. Between the number of patterns and companies both past and present that produced them it would take a book to answer your questions. Which is precisley what I would recomend to you. Check out the books that Blade and Knife World sell. Also you can't go wrong with a Levine book either.There are also the standard things like go to shows join a club talk to people to get an idea about quality, fit and finish. All the brands you mentioned in your letter are all great. Hope this was of some help.
I haven't seen him around, but I know that OneHandClapping collects traditional pocket knives, try dropping him a line

I like my women like I like my knives: strong, sharp, well-formed and pattern-welded!