Training Hawks?

Brian Jones

Jan 17, 1999
Forgive me if I didn't see this subject already broached...

Any plans for training versions of the hawks so we don't slice ourselves and each other up with the real thing during CQB practice?


PS, Andy -- you DA man! Great talking with ya 'bout hawks!
Yes....this question has been asked of us several times privately, and a few times here on the forum.

The mass produced trainer will probably be offered in the Vietnam Tomahawk design, as that is the most well known CQB Hawk design.

If customers demonstrated enough demand, we might be willing to offer Rogers' Rangers trainers in an all steel configuration with dull edges.

Good Question Brian! And yes, I enjoyed talking Hawks with you as well!

Andy Prisco,
Co-Founder, Manager
American Tomahawk Company
Since I was a former member of a "markland"(medevil re-enactment) group. I may have a "stop-gap solution" for you. Get a length of rattan(the length of your hawk),and thin it down to the diameter of your hawk's handle. the get some heavy duty foam padding and form it into the hawk head , using generous amounts of duct tape.

And make sure you have some type of head protection so you don't get your brains scrambled!!

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Thanks, BT! I'll try it...already have just the rattan for the job!


If you could somehow affix a strip of material to the "edge" of the training blade that can be soaked with red dye or such then there would be a way to physically account for strikes and cuts.

The Sticking Point
I was going to ask about training hawls as well.

Any idea when they might be available in the "Vietnam" version?