Two loves

Oct 11, 1998
Hello everyone:

I started collecting/using knives last year. No girlfriend then. Now I am a daily carrier of at least 3 blades (including the MAD DOG ATAK). As of this week, I'm pretty close to the point where I can call this one particular girl my girlfriend. But the problem is, she does not know I carry/use/collect blades. I have mentioned to her that I liked knives, swords, tools, and weapons but I dont' believe she knows that I actually possess these items. How do I go about telling her?

do it in a very SUBTLE way:
carry a knive in your waistband, take her in your arms and you know the answer:
"Are you happy to see me or is it ..."

I had a girlfriend 1 year ago who delivered the ultimatum to me:
"Your knives or I !"
Every time I think of the look on her face when I walked out (and never returned) I grin from ear to ear and think:
"What a lucky guy I am !"
Take care & good luck,
Wiat until your married to her and have 3 little tims bouncing around the house. Or you could always buy her a small knife as a present so she could see how cool they are. But make it something good looking like a BM mini spike or leopard cub.

Good luck
Tell your GF about your knives when she's in a good mood. If she doesn't respect your knives, she doesn't have a right to be your GF
. My knife is my girlfriend

Comrade Chang
It may be best not to show her the Nine Inch Double-Barbed Rambotron Ninja Deathmonger first. And the daily-carry folder is a knife, not an edged weapon. At least not until she expresses some interest in self-defense with deadly force.

Give her a small one-hand folder. There are gift-giving occasions coming up shortly on a lot of folk's calendars. A Spyderco Dragonfly is a good choice. So, for a little more money, are the Benchmade Leopard Cub and #330 Gentleperson's Knife.

Another approach is to use your daily-carry folder to prepare a meal for her. The following is from my web page:

Some folks think the model 800/812 is terribly tactical, especially its "dark side" versions with the BT2 coating. Not necessarily so . . . On Benchmade's web forum, Matt Seling, who, like me, is not fully dressed without a knife of some sort, posted the following about his experience on a first date with a lady who was not a "knife person":

"I took the 812 along with some exotic fruits (I need vitamins after the holidays). She had prepared some pasta and I prepared a special fruit salad with the mini AFCK. I took it out to carve out a yellow honey melon and dice up some passion fruit, mangos and melon, filled the pieces in the bowl-like melon halves, poured champagne over it, let it sit for half an hour in the fridge, then consume. The knife was only mentioned by her
once: 'Why is the blade coated?' The rest is kiss and don´t tell."

Your mileage may vary.

Good luck!


My girlfriend actually doesn't mind my knives that much unless I talk about them too much or ignore her at a knife show because I am too engrossed or practice tactics on her unwilling self. She is starting to carry a mini socom.

I don't think you should have a problem, just don't carry so many knives around, especially a big knife such as an ATAK when you're with her. When you need to use the knife use it casually and then put it away. If she asks she'll probab;y be curious and want to know more.

Hi I'm Fenris's girlfriend; thought I'd give my opinion on the girlfriend issue.

first of all, DO NOT practice your knife tactics with her standing a foot away as the imaginary target. (Fenris!! Are you listening???) This guarantees she will become intolerant of your habit very quickly. When you tell her about your knives, you should present it as if you carry them for a hobby and your're interested in the appearance and utility of the knife (downplay the idea that you carry three different knives just in case you get into a street fight where you have to hold one in each hand and the mad dog atak in the toes of your right foot). Don't talk about them 24/7. Don't make too big of a deal out of it, treat the subject casually, and if you don't overemphasize it she probably won't have a reason to either.

And finally, especially important, don't ignore her when you're looking at or playing with knives, as this is death no matter WHAT it is you're ignoring her for.
I'm one of the rare women that are crazy about knives. However the following rules are helpful for gaining acceptance from my non-hoplophiliac sisters:
1) Don't obsess over knives in her presence.
2) Don't wave them around like Kung-fu Joe or talk about gutting BGs like trout.
3) Casually use the knives in front of her, like any other tool
4) Don't tell her you are stashing away $20 a week for the eventual purchase of a Mad Dog sword
5) In general, be cool
Start by letting her catch you reading a knife magazine. A magazine is not so intimidating as a knife itself, and introducing this to your girlfriend by reading rather than showing her cool balisong tricks is probably for the best.

Next, make a big deal of going to her house, finding out all her kitchen knives are dull (which they will be, believe me), and then coming back to sharpen them. Let her see your hobby actually works for her.

THEN you can let her see your knives!


You actually need a reply to this? Just kidding, but be a man! You're not even married! I'd start makeing references to knives at appropriate moments...for example, after you buy her that new dress or lingerie say "darn I wish I had a knive on me to cut the tag off"! See, simple logic, also try buying her a knife of her own...if it looks nice enough, you problems are solved

I remember when my wife and I were only dating. Before we went steady, we had a heart-to-heart talk (of many to come). I kind of came out and just said it. I said something along the lines of, "There's something you should know about me. I'm a combat junkie. This is something that's never going to change and you're just going to have to learn to deal with." She replies by telling me some of her past dates and boyfriends who were in the military, and how much more of a pain they were compared to me. Well, as it turned out, it wasn't a problem at all. I guess maybe that's why we were able to be married. Hehe.
When my girlfried and I had a spat, she knew exactly how to get back at me-->she hid my Randall! Oh well. We're not together anymore, but it wasn't because of that. Hey, if you're girlfriend cooks, you might want to comment on how well she handles a kitchen knife, for instance, as a way to break the ice on blades. Just a thought.

Greg Namin
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