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Uncovsky knives - Three linerlocks in wooden coat (Brown SOLD)

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Feb 5, 2016
I want to to offer you three knives. Today with no engraving on them :). Green is stabilized birch, brown is stabilized alder and orange is stabilized beech. Specification and price is same for each.

Linerlock folding knife
Blade: RWL34,vacuum at 61-62hrc, cryo
Liners: Titanium
Handle: Stabilized wood
The pins and bolts are made of stainless steel
The blade is on stainless steel bearings and it is centered
Ceramics detent, lock goes to 1/3
Overall length 8,11inch (206mm)
Blade length: 3,6inch (92mm)

Price: 360USD

Contact: here at BF or info@uncovsky.com

190119016FB.jpg 190119001FB.jpg 190119004FB.jpg 190119005FB.jpg 190119006FB.jpg 190119009FB.jpg 190119011FB.jpg 190119014FB.jpg

Wow these are beautiful! I always wanted to see some different materials on your knives. Metal is nice but can be cold, something like wood has some more life to it :D