United Cutlery---Good or bad?

Jul 16, 2000
I am considering making a purchase from United cutlery.One of their own makes. Any advice on the quality of their stuff?
POS. I own a few because they looked cool and were inexpensive, and i didn't know any better. They use mostly 420J2, which doesn't hold an edge well at all. Stay away from them and don't waste your money!
Sorry, double post.

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Now a days the choices out there for all types of cutlery are almost unlimited. Do yourself a favor and stay away from UC. You can do much better with almost any other company that advertises here.Price wise also.
Just echoing the previous statements for emphasis. I bought their cheap 'Ninja' sword because I couldn't afford the Ontario ones. It's a piece of junk, now I just throw it at a dirt pile and try to get it to stick. Save your money and buy a Spyderco or a Buck.
Thanks guys for all of your help..
I was kind of skeptic about United.
I am currently looking into a Buck or a CRKT
Folder w/serrated etc....

And thanks for making this newbie feel welcome here in the blade forums

I'm glad you like it here, it's really a great place. Good luck finding a nice knife. The hard part anymore isn't finding a good knife, but choosing which one you want to buy! CRKT is great though, so you're definitely off to a good start.
Heya Nick. The only CRKT knife that I've had hands-on experience with (apart from the KISS/PECK stuff) is the Mirage.

I have a plain edge mirage, and I love it. The thing is incredibly, _INCREDIBLY_ sharp. I dropped it by mistake and the tip sank a few inches into my mattress, and can do that under its own weight. Scary.

I'm looking forward to expanding my CRKT collection once I get past my Kershaw/Onion bug.

As far as United Cutlery goes...leave them be. I'm underwhelmed by their line thus far.
They make pretty good display pieces if you collect daggers and swords and hang them around your house. However for real working knives, you could and will find better.
90% of the United Cutlery line is intended to look pretty (If it's a fantasy piece, you shouldn't have any doubts). That's it - that's the only function. If you understand that, then you won't be disappointed.

Most of their "branded" items are suppossed to be functional and do just fine compared to other knives in the price range. For example, the Colt knives (Colt CSAR, Colt CSOK, Colt CT-4000, etc) and Harley Davidson series knives (Flaming Legend, Multipurpose Tools, etc). Heck, some of the better knives are just knives from other companies, repackaged and "branded" to the H-D company - like the SOG Multitool, Gigand Spectrum, Sebertool, etc.

Are they the be all to end all? No. Would I use one? No.

United Cutlery Products have, however, gotten more people into knife collecting than any other brand - because they get hooked on the "fantasy" pieces, then move on to better and better knives.

They serve their purpose, and there is a market for them. BladeForums.com just doesn't attract that sort of market.


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Dan, Bummer about your mattress, Good thing it wasn't a waterbed...Yikes! I also caught the Kershaw Onion bug today..
But trying to stay within budget I've been looking @ the CRKT Mirage and the Kasper.
I spend some time today @ the local gun store
salavating over their collection..
Roadrunner is correct about the deciding on which purchase to make.

Spark ...The fantasy knives are definetly NOT what I'm looking for (I'm looking for a tool and a companion, If I leave the house without my Kershaw or my Leatherman I feel naked..Am I weird or does anyone else kinda feel the same way?).

see ya
Don't worry nick, we all feel that Non-knife nakedness

Let me second all the opinions on UC knives. Show peices only.



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I have ordered some of their stuff for people who just had to have what they thought was neat looking and cheap.Well, cheap they were and not even worth the cheap price. Any knife of blade made from 420J2 steel has to be just a looker, not a user. Go with a Buck, Cold Steel, are some other make that fits your budget.
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Originally posted by nick770:
I am considering making a purchase from United cutlery.One of their own makes. Any advice on the quality of their stuff?


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