United Cutlery question

Jun 16, 1999
What do you guys think of the United Cutlery company? I think they make great knives but i've only seen pictures on the internet of them. I like their designs and replicas of other existing knives. I am not willing to buy anything expensive like $300 so United Cutlery's affordability appeals to me. I'm planning on ordering some UC knives and I want to know if it is a good idea. They don't need to be super strong because 'm not planning to use them for anything that could damage them. Thanks
Save your money and get a knife that is high quality. Then buy a UC brand and see what you think about it. Unted might have a few "gem" knives, but overall they are crap generally ment to appeal to teenagers and people who don't know what a good knife is. United is like an entry level brand, sorta like Yugo. I consider buck and gerber to be like ford and chevy, and companies like Spyderco and Benchmade to be like Landrover and Mercedes.

I have to go with Yekim on this. I have a UC tactical fighter and its the worst knife I own. If you want a good folder get a Schrade at your Wal-mart or Hardware store. Buck and Gerber are good too. If you want a good fighter/tactical fixed blade, you can get a KaBar USMC fighting knife on the internet fo less than 40 bucks and its a great knife. Please don't waste your money on UC unless you want a showpiece only.

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Ok, that is about what I expected from UC. I am still going to buy the knives anyway because they look cool. I just need something to scare people with and some of the UC knives look badass. My only concern is if they look the same as in the pictures. I have some good quality knives like like Buck's 119 and 110. I also have some good tactical folders like CRKT's Mirage and a few Gerbers. I like those knives but it's mostly looks that I pay attention to in UC knives so i don't think i'll go wrong there. Thanks for your opinions.
United Knives, I think fill the market where they are needed. They sell a lot of knives and I have sold a lot of their knives. If what they sell makes some one happy then so be it. I think any knife that makes the consumer want more and nicer knives is great. We all have our price in what we can afford. I have many customers who stated out buying the United line of Rambo knives and now buy Benchmade and Microtech. So are United Knives any good? They are good for what they are and, who they are made for.

Danny Ridenhour
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I collect the Hibben line by United. They are undoubtedly the coolest looking knives manufactured. I wish I could get some of these models manufactured with higher quality materials. I have a couple of Gil's customs, but they are pretty tame compared to the fantasy stuff United puts out with his name on it.
I agree that United fills a void, whether it be financial or aesthetic (in my case). I have just as many high dollar, high quality knives as I do "wall hangers" (for all you elitists out there). I am a knife enthusiast. I can find something positive in any knife.
I have a United diving knife (shark hunter) that I have abused to the extreme and it's still going strong.

I believe the UC stuff has it's niche in the world of knives. It's always interesting to see what they come up with next. It seems to me that most forumites want real users, and it would be a stretch to put UC products in that category. I generally save my money for other types of knives - both collecting and using.

As long as the UC buyers are aware of other types of knives and the different levels of quality available from all the different knife companies - I say go for it if it floats your boat!
Now, guys, I did find a good use for UC's. I bought one with a recurved blade to practice one so that I won't screw up my AxisLock when I try to sharpen it the first time. That counts for something!

I also have some of the Hibben throwers, which is an absolute blast! Basically useless as far as self-defense, contrary to what's in the movies, but a really fun sport. Who'd want to throw their BM, Spyderco, or Sebenza into 4" thick pine from 15' away, repeatedly? I'm with Danny on this one - they fill a market that finer knives aren't suited for. And, worse built knives do exist!

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To Tom:

Pulling out a knife to scare people is a bad idea. The only reason to pull out a knife in a life/injury threatening situation is if you plan in the next instant to send that person to the hospital or coroner.

If you want to scare people I suggest going to the costume store and getting one of those really ugly rubber masks. Put the mask on and if you don't scare them at least they will think you are so wierd that they won't mess with you.
I have said this before and I suspect that I will say it again. DO NOT DRAW A WEAPON, KNIFE, SWORD, OR GUN, UNLESS YOU ARE PREPARED TO USE IT AND TO USE IT ALL OF THE WAY. If all of the way means injury of death to the other person, then you will have to face the moral and legal ramifications, qwhich will be severe, so you should only draw a weapon in life threatening circumstances.

Walk in the Light,
pulling out a weapon to scare or threaten someone even if you don't plan to use it is still a crime. I think it's called assault- I think. Don't do it. It's a really bad idea
Perhaps i should have been more clear. I actually meant I want to show off and scare people I know, like my friends with my knives. I wouldn't pull a knife on anyone who wouldn't know i'm a non-violent person. I just like to get responses like, "damn! let me see that knife!"
It's fun to impress your friends. The ones who count the most will be impressed more with quality than glitz. Just my .02.

There ain't no rules here and collecting what you like and enjoy having works for me! That may change over time, but you can always sell/trade the old knives when you tire of them.

Hope you impress the heck out of your friends.
They're made of 420J2 stainless and edgeholding sucks. That doesn't matter for a defense knife unless you're also using it for other purposes and it's dull when you need it, and obviously doesn't matter at all for the use Tom has in mind. They do look like the pictures so I think you'll be satisfied with one, Tom.

If you cordwrap the handle of a Hibben thrower you can get yourself a good defense knife cheap, and you can even use it for other purposes if you don't mind sharpening it frequently.

-Cougar Allen :{)
United Cutlery fills a cutlery niche the same way McDonald's fills a culinary niche. If that's what you like, so be it. But when I have a friend who is looking at United Cutlery, I always try to find out what they're really looking for, and most of the time (okay, all of the time) end up steering them somewhere else. If you like UC that's totally cool, just be sure you really know what you're buying! Some of their stuff is much better than others.
You can't beat the wall hangers they make. Nothing looks sweeter of gains more attention than the full Gil Hibben fantasy series on your wall
That is the niche they fill for me.

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
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Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!

I agree as well, United fills a void and does a decent job of doing so. A lot of their pieces including the Hibben line, (which adornes my wall as well, as does, Benchmade, Dalton, Schrade, etc.), is made available to people who can not afford to buy a custom Hibben or other original creators work. As for whether they are any good or not depends greatly upon what you plan on doing with it. After all, you wouldn't want to take their Fossil Hunter and skin a deer with it, but then again, thats not what its for is it.

Of course things could be worse, Tom could have been asking about Frost Cutlery
Me, too, Mike!!!!

In response to Bob Irons-

"It's fun to impress your friends. The ones who count the most will be impressed more with quality than glitz. Just my .02."

I guess all my friends are just not worth $hit, then. Absolutely none of my friends are knife enthusiasts like myself and when you show them a BM or Spyderco, it's just another pocket knife to them. What they really gawk over is the new Gladius, Marto or Hibben fantasy piece I have sitting on my mantle.

It's this "elitist" attitude that I first referred to in my "Master knives SOCOM ripoff" thread a month or two ago. This attitude is detrimental in so many ways, mainly in that it puts off many potential knife enthusiasts.
I thought I had seen the quintessence of the "elitist attitude", but to think that some of you actually judge the worth of your friends by their taste in knives is just plain ludicrous. I'm speechless.

Have a nice day-