Unnoticed dealers?

Oct 9, 1998
About a year ago, I stumbled upon an internet knife dealer at <a href="http://www.theknifedudes.com">"www.theknifedudes.com"</a>. Their prices were great, and in the range of DiscountKnives, ABC-Direct, KnifeCenter, and other large internet knife dealers. The organization of their site was marvelous, and the navigation in the site was effortless. In addition to all of this, they were very quick to respond to emails and replied with a detailed responce to every question. Unfortunately, I was unable to deal with them yet, and so I was wondering if anyone else had seen The Knife Dudes or had any buisness with them? And why aren't they on the links page? (I emailed them about that, and they said they'd look into it.)
Do any of you know about unnoticed dealers?

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Anyone can put their link up, so you do not have to wait for the dealer to do it. So if you know of any dealer or any knife realted site just hop over to our links section and add them. They recently sold out and are now under new ownership. Other than that I don't know much about them.

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In addition, the dealers can list themselves in every applicable category, from brand names to geographic locations, and see immediate results. They can also include the "Rate this site" HTML on their pages and get better listing on the top 100 page. It's really a win-win situation for them, they just have to put into it to get out of it.


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Yes, I remember they did go from one ownership to another. It used to be under two guys one of which I think was called Mark. Now it is run by "the Knife Chick" (long ago I emailed her about the new ownership and found out her nickname in the cutlery buisness). Wouldn't it be interesting if they changed the name from "The Knife Dudes" to "The Knife Chick"?