URL for Greco Knives?

Jan 20, 1999
Just what it sounds like. A new friend let me play with a Greco Companion Saturday and I wanted to show a picture to an old friend who's looking for something dangerous at a reasonable price, but I can't find a web page for Greco Knives. I don't even know Mr. Greco's first name. Is there a web page? Any help would be appreciated.

John Greco is not on the net yet. You need to call him directly.

I have his companion. I think you need a bomb to destroy that knife with its quarterinch stock. I took it on a camp trip and was stabbing deadfall, hacking at firewood, etc. The A2 steel keeps an edge. The knife came with a nice heavy duty, nicely made, leather sheath (by John's wife.)

I have to say, this knife is too heavy for a daily carry, except out in the woods. At the beginning of the year, he was working on knives with 3/16 stock. He has some nice fighting/tactical designs, including a 3.75 persian which would be great with a thinner stock.

Nice guy to do business with. You can call him at 502 932-3335. He has a photocopy catalog. Greco knives is in Kentucky.

I don't know--my friend doesn't really want a daily carry for now, but he's 6'3" 285 and squats in the 500s (with crappy form, but you tell him that
) I played with it a little and I don't think it'd be a problem. He'd want it more as a collector right now anyway.

Does anyone know if Mr. Greco will be at BLADE? I assume so if he's in Kentucky. If so we'll just mosey past the Greco table.
Thanks a lot, Sing. I'm looking forward to meeting you at BLADE this summer as well.
Could somebody please encourage Greco to put up a website with email address for us international customers?

I really like his knives and price!