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Users: GEC 14 (Sold), GEC 66 (Withdrawn), Camillus 72 (Sold)

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Feb 11, 2016
I'm doing a bit of early spring cleaning and want to find new homes for these users that haven't been seeing pocket time.

All prices are firm. The only trade I am interested in is a Schrade Walden 804 in Peach Seed Bone.

GEC 14 – Single Spear Blade – OD Micarta — $45 SOLD
- I am the original owner.
- The blade was sharpened to a more acute edge with either a Lansky (most likely) or KME, I don't recall which.
- It has been carried several times.
- It has minor scuffs on the bolsters from pocket wear and a few small pepper spots on the blade and back spring.
- Good walk and talk, pleasant pull, no blade wobble.
- Photos: https://imgur.com/a/ndKqMV7

GEC 66 – Calf Roper – Antique Autumn Jigged Bone — Withdrawn
- I am the original owner.
- Most of the history of this knife is documented in the 33 Days with a #66 thread. I only carried it a handful of times after the 33 days of that thread was completed.
- The sheepsfoot blade was sharpened to a more acute angle with a KME and the spey blade was sharpened to a more acute angle freehand.
- Some patina on main blade, mostly from cutting limes and fruit.
- Minor scuffs on bolsters and shield from pocket wear.
- Good walk and talk, pleasant pulls, no blade wobble. The secondary blades are perhaps a bit light on the pull, as was common of this 2017 run.
- Photos: https://imgur.com/a/LsxA1y4

Camillus 72 – Yello-Jaket — $35 SOLD
- I bought this as "unused", but there are enough scuffs on the bolsters, delrin, and blades that I believe it was more likely carried and lightly used.
- I have not carried or sharpened it.
- I am not positive, but I believe it has the factory edges.
- The pivot pins are flush, but clearly visible against the bolsters (see photos).
- Some patina on the liners (see photo of back).
- Good walk and talk, pleasant pulls, no blade wobble.
- Photos: https://imgur.com/a/j4bV2Jb

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- USA sales only.
- Price includes PayPal fees and USPS shipping with tracking within the continental US. I will strive to ship on the next day that the Post Office is open.
- Must be at least 18 years of age and legally able to receive and own the knife in your area. Buyer is responsible for complying with local knife laws and for the safe use of the knife.
- I reserve the right to choose to whom I sell, but generally the first "I'll take it" posted here followed by a PM to me for payment details and prompt payment gets it
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