" Value of Mad Dog TUSK"

Feb 17, 1999
I am trying to determine the value of a Mad Dog TUSK. It has a 10" blade fully serrated blade, hard chrome blade, and a kydex combat sheath. The knife is brand new, and has never been used. What is the value of this particular knife, and are people interested in purchasing this type of knife.

regards glock
The price currently is $875. Prices are going up this year though. See MD's forum on knifeforums.com for more details.

I'd guess that the value would be at least $700.

I recently posted a huge ad in the forsale forum with a ton of stuff, including several Mad Dog knves.

All of the Mad Dogs were sold within an hour and I had over _100_ responses of people willing to buy them. I was asking almost retail for them (they were new) but there were absolutely no people wanting to dicker on the prices.

The only reason I would guess that the Tusk would go for that much under retail is that the market for that expensive of a blade is rather narrow and fewer folks are buying in that price range.

Speaking of higher priced stuff, that Emerson CQC8 that I had for sale at $800 went within 15 minutes and had about 20 people saying "SOLD!" wanting it.

Hope this gives you an idea of the demand for the MD product.

Bill, what in particular that you dislike about his knives?

I like a number of things. The handles are ergonomic, secure and tough. The blades are flat ground and hard chromed and the overall geometry is nice. Specifically on the TUSK the blade tilts down as you run towards the point along the spine and it sweeps up as you run back aong the edge from the tip towards the handle. This increases chopping power and slicing ability over a plain blade. The sheaths are kydex, secure and easy to wear. The steel choice is a decent one and takes a fine edge with lasts a good while.

My only concerns are fragility of the hard edge in regards to chipping and overall toughness of the blade being compromised because of this when exposed to direct stress at the edge. This I will test for myself shortly.

My only complaint is that he makes the knives, even the heavy duty utility ones, too neutral balanced. I would prefer if a model like the TUSK had a balance point far beyond where it currently is.


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Here's some replies to your question:

1) I don't have much use for fixed blade knives unless I'm backpacking, camping, or doing a specific task that requires the comfort of a fixed blade. Somehow, I can survive with the ole K-Bar.

2) Folders, due to their more portable nature, are always with me and subsequently get used.

3)Mad Dog knives are way overhyped and WAY overpriced.

4)I do not find Kevin's demeanor or personality attractive in the least bit.

The final item is subjective, and ties to my personality. I choose to ignore certain publications due to my indifference with the publisher.
Mad Dog products are obviously popular with alot of people, including some that I know very well. They just don't float my boat.
Bill, as for 1 & 2, that makes sense. Personal use is obviously going to play a huge role in your evaluation of a knife. For example I have no use for dedicated fighting knives so for example I would never buy a Panther.

As for being overhyped I have not finished my evaluation yet but a number of people whose knowledge about knives I respect have good things to say about them. Anyway I'll delay indepth commentary on that for now.

As for being overpriced, well that depends on if they can do what they are said to be able to do. Three hundred for a semi-custom fixed blade is not that unreasonable.

Now for number 4, well I can see where you are coming from on that. But since MD doesn't read this forum, I am not going to discuss him personally.