Veggie Knife-Part Deux

Oct 4, 1998
I'd like to thank everyone for responding to my original post. Lots of good points and lots to think about. You're a great bunch of guys. Now, if you would be so kind as to go to:

and scroll down to the 6" Deba knife. Fine edge, some belly on the blade for rocking, nice width for scooping veggies, but with a point for the delicate work. I'm thinking desert ironwood handles. Whattya think? Any obvious errors in judgement here? I don't want it to just be pretty, I want it to work. Thanks again. Oh yeah, I was planning on including a maple cutting-board.

I'm not talking about that specific knife, just the blade style.


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That looks like a useful style. Very similar to a Japanese knife I used to own that was an excellent performer.

I would say that the width is marginal for transporting chopped vegetables. If that is an important attribute this knife may not fill your needs. Other than that, it looks good.
I haven't handled the knife in question but a Deba normally has a very thick spine and a flat one-sided grind, either right or left. Their main function is as a fish filet knife. I don't consider them really general purpose veg. blades. No one mentioned this maker so I would like to put in a plug for Steve Mullin's kitchen knives. He makes super western and asian style blades. ATS-34 blades and wood handles. Prices are very reasonable. I've been using a 6-inch chef since the Seattle Custom show that I like a lot. 208-263-7492
That's some good information, Steven. I didn't know what the purpose of a Deba was. I was thinking more of a flat ground edge. I'm in line to get some personal attention from Rob Simonich at some point and thought I would present these ideas to him.