victorinox cybertool - pin location?

Oct 17, 2004

i just bought my victorinox cybertool 34 this afternoon. when i got home (night) i read the simple manual that came with it. i noticed that at number 28, it is labeled as pin (stainless steel). the problem is... i cannot find where that pin is located....

this is my first pocket knife, and i can't find where that pin is...

has anyone ever seen where the that stainless steel pin is located?
welcome to the forums from another newbie.

Opeen the corkscrew, and look at the base. You sill see the head of the pin.
wow... that was quick... thanks a lot friend... :)

i found it... it was sitting just next to the cork screew like what you said... :)

hmmm... well as a newbie to knives (as well as a nearsigthted fellow), i think victorinox or other pocket knife manufacturer's should include a brief parts list including the "where" of the removable part of their products...

anyway, thanks :)
I've found that my new Spartan Lite doesn't have pin (and it's _not_ in the parts list), but it _does_ have a place for one. Why they didn't add it and get the extra tool in the list is beyond me.

Picked up a Cybertool to give as a gift not too long ago, and it was missing the pin, too.