Victorinox Executive or Leatherman Micra

Aug 24, 1999
Which do you prefer and why?

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I have both, and though the Micra is more sturdy, I actually prefer, for my own uses, the Executive. It's more comfortable to carry, the tools I need are easier to access. Jim
I just got my Micra a week ago and I love it so far. It has everything one could possibly ask for in a "gentleman's folder", and it is relatively lightweight. The scissors are great, and I even used the thing to take apart an antique lamp and fix a short the other night! I would be lost without the Micra now.

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I`ll vote for the Micra. I used to always have a small SAK handy but since I got my Micra a year or so ago the SAKs stay home. The Micra scissors are very handy and of a usefull size and the little screwdrivers get a lot of use too. It`s a sturdy little tool,I`ve often left the handles in an L shape for more leverage on stuborn screws and it returns to true everytime. I even bought another one in the "great Bladeforums Micra rush" so I`d have a spare if I ever wear this one out.
I use both. I have a micra on the keychain for my POV. When I'm at work, I carry the Executive. The Executive is more like a knife with scissors and the micra is like a scissors with a knife.


Howzabout the SOG Crosscut? Maybe I've had bad experience w/the Micra -- scissors started to part at the join, so I returned it to Lthrmn and got a new one; but it did the same thing. So I got a new one, gave it to mom, and got the SOG bc the scissors are a bit longer and stronger. Better file, and the tweezers (2nd most used item for me) are *much* better than the Micra

At REI it only goes for $23.

And David, it comes w/a toothpick, too (tho I have not used it...)