Victorinox Executive Orange Peeler?

Sep 20, 2000
Has anyone found another use for the orange peeler on the Victorinox Executive?

I received one yesterday as a three-year service award at my company. I'm pleased with it. It sits quite nicely in my trouser pocket. It's a nice little knife, but the orange peeler has me scratching my head.

Use it to scratch your head.
Use it to peel an orange.

OK, OK... sorry, I just couldn't resist being a total smart-ass for just a second. Have you noticed that the tip of it makes a good flat screwdriver? If it is the same one that I have, and the peeler hasn't been changed. Does it still have the little serrated portion of blade on it?

Other than those, I think that's about it. I occasionally use the serrated portion when I don't want to booger up another blade doing something.

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Craig, I use mine for oranges, but not a lot else, I had thoughts of trying to strip wire with it but never tried it. Also the serrated edge part I've used to cut plastic tye-wraps with as it saws through nicely...


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The executive is a wonderful knife. Like many things non American (corkscrews, awls), Europeans eat a lot of fresh fruit. To use:go around the peel twice. Then simply remove the four quarters of peel. Dont worry, you wont reach the fruit itself.

By the way, the tip of the orange peeler makes an excellent mini screwdriver for such things as vscrews for reading glasses. The tip of the file is also excellent as a mini phillips. It fits perfectly cassette taspes,computer and electronic device screws.
About all I've ever used it for was the screwdriver on the end. I'm not a big orange fan.

Last week I didn't even know it was an orange peeler. Is this the information age, when you can own something 15 years and don't know what it is for?
That said, I've used it for some similar things and scraping.

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works great for circumcisions....looks just like you did it with pinking shears!