Victorinox or Wenger?


Aug 27, 2004
I guess this has probably been discussed before.

I personally have a Swiss Tool that is Victorinox that I love and have with me at all times, but my SAK is a Wenger which I personally prefer due to the back spring mechanism of the scissors and the pliers compared to the little spring that can and has fallen out of the Victorinox knives I've had.

What is your pick?

It is rather interesting the way Victorinox claims it is the original and Wenger the genuine. Don't you think? But both have the right to use the official shield of the Swiss homeland and Army.

The history of both is quite good reading but I'm just curious as to how the general public feels about both. I understand that what is produced for the Swiss Army is a 50/50 deal for both companies. Just was curious how it would stand for the civilian populations of the planet so to speak. Guess I could have made this a poll but we'll leave it as is for now.
STR said:
I guess this has probably been discussed before.
Many, many times.

The general consensus is Victorinox is the better tool, and I agree. Better fit and finish, better tools, better combinations. Like you though, I do think Wenger has better scissors. Even people who don't like the serrations will usually agree that their way of springing the scissors is superior to V'nox's.
Both companies make knives for the Swiss military. Victorinox was first, thus original. Wenger also makes official knives, thus authentic. :D

IMHO, Victorinox rules! :p

I'm partial toward Victorinox. I owned a model with redish orange Alox scale. It perform marvelously from day one. There's some sign of old age from constant use but it still looks healthy to me. No blade play or weak spring.

My estimate is that it'll at least last me another 30 years. If I live that long. :rolleyes: I have had that knife for almost 30 years now.

Victorinox Rocks!!!!

Victorinox are my favorite.

by "gentlemens'" agreement victorinox calls themselves the "original" and wenger the "genuine". Victorinox was the first swiss produced SAK, hiunce the "original". Wenger came in shortly afterward, hince the "genuine", afterall the swiss govt. does receive half of all issue SAK knives from them.

To avoid a problem the swiss govt. split the contract between both and its been that way ever since.

Victorinox was the one that produced the "officer's" pattern which wenger and many others have copied since. Its interesting how the swiss govt. was not intertested in the "officer's" model, but the rest of the world caught on!!!
I prefer Victorinox. They both have nice features though. Some of the tools on the Wenger are a little heavier duty than the Victorinox.
V-nox has a bit better fit and finish but Wegner seems to have tool combos that suit me better, so I have a Wegner in my pocket. YMMV

As you can already see, Victorinox is the clear winner as far as fit/finish, although I prefer the scissors on the Wenger models.
So what's the consensus Vic. or Weng? :rolleyes:

Hold on let me look in my drawer, 10 Vics. 1 Weng.

10 to 1 Vic wins. :D
Good replies so far.

I have to say though that just because one is first doesn't mean that it is the best.

But after owning and using both of the brands mentioned I'd say they are dead even. I see no difference in the edge holding or toughness of the steels between the Vic's and the Wenger. Nor have I noticed a noticable diff in the way they are sold to the public. My Wenger came from an Eddie Bauer sales catalog and was sold for quite a lot of money by them when I claimed it with my winning coupon from the sales competiion I won. It seems to me if Wenger is smart enough to set themselves up with high dollar retail outlets like Eddie Bauer as well as others that they are pretty much secure and capable of producing a great knife.

I personally like the seratted scissors of the Wenger and I can testify to the fact that the one pictured on Dirk's web site on the knife forum has cut up countless credit cards as well as other items of interest over a period of 14 years.

In the Wenger knives I like the backspring mechanism of the scissors and pliers and the locking mechanisms of the blade and screwdriver. Not to mention the all metal tweezers of the Wenger. These are all big pluses to me over the Victoriniox knives.

I do not recall any functional problems with either my Wenger that Dirk has renewed life too, nor do I recall any problems to my Swiss Tool by Victorinox so to me they both seem to be kicking butt. But I truly feel both exceed the requirements of the Swiss Army.
I have always carried Victorinox but I do have a Wegner or two. Both are great quality knives at an excellent price point. My favorite SAKs have to be the Vic Executive, Wegner mini Toolchest, Vic Mini Manager, or stayglow Vic classic.
STR said:
What is your pick?

I think for most people it comes down to the first sak they owned. They are both excelent products. For most people here it was Victorinox. They are just plain easier to find here in the states. They are sold in sporting goods stores, department stores, discount stores etc etc. Wenger is harder to find. I have only seen them in sporting goods stores dedicated to hiking and backpacking Both are good though. You would do well to buy either.

Personally, I have to admit, after many years of owning and using both, I prefer the victorinox. I have always had better results with them. The blade geometry of the victorinox, to me is much better. I do however like the scissors of the wenger, since you never have to replace a spring, but the scissors on my wenger have "siezed" up before from pocket lint buildup.
Both are good, but I usually like Victorinox more. But if I look into my shelf in the morning to chose an edc-folder, it is often hard to chose between the Victorinox Trailmaster and the Wenger Ranger. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Trailmaster stronger screwdriver <-> Ranger longer and another blade. :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :D
They're both allowed to say Swiss Army Knives, since both companies have supplied knives to the Swiss army.

I don't think there's a quality difference, but I prefer Wenger just because they're less common. My BuckSwiss is a Wenger with black plastic handles by Buck. I also have a Swiss military bayonet by Wenger (I've never seen a Viv bayonet).

Here's another vote for V'nox. They seem to have better over-all quality control.