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Video:Power of the Blade???

Jun 17, 1999
Hi all. Recently an End Line User asked me about the video "Power of the Blade". Apparently Spyderco knives are discussed in this video. Unfortunately, I am not familiar with this particular video. Can anyone help me find out what this video is or where I might find it?

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Hi Angela, and welcome to BFC. So nice to see yet another Spyderco personnel in the fray.
Seems like Danelle is having a great time recruiting ppl to join in.

As to the video, I've also heard of that one, but don't know where we can get a copy. If you do find out, let us know, okay? Thanks!

I think I may have the answer. Lenny Magill came out with a video, "Advanced Folding Knife Techniques: The Power of the Blade." I know "Power of the Blade" is a secondary title on this one.
The main knife in the video is the BM AFCK, but also featured are a Spyderco Endura (full serrated), a Spyderco Michael Walker Lightweight, a Cold Steel Recon Tanto, an Executive Edge "Pen" knife. Also shown briefly are a BM Sentinel, BM CQC7, and a White Wolf automatic.