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Viet Nam Hawk Arrived today!!!

May 26, 2001
My Viet Nam Hawks came today. One for me, and one for my son. I only have one thing to say....... AWESOME!!! ::D They're even more incredible than I expected. You can look at the pictures all you want, but you really can't appreciate this baby until you get your hands on it. It's beautiful to the eye, perfect balance... and SCARY QUICK!! Hold this hawk in your hand and you know, in a second, exactly what it was made for!

We took the hawks out back and chopped up some lumber and stuff. It was fun! (I'm sure I'll never outgrow the pleasure of ripping into wood with a sharp piece of steel!!) The hawks performed perfectly. In the field, I'll probably use this hawk for light chopping, building traps, etc. and general protection. I have a RR Spike Hawk on order. I'll most likely use that and my Busse Battle Mistress for the heavy stuff. After reading the incredible reviews of the Spike Hawk by Brian Jones and RadioRay11 I can't wait to take one out and put it to work.

Thanks Andy. You're a great guy, and definitely a man of your word! Hope I can get up your way some time to talk hawks.

Jon Kilpatrick
Hearing about your vietnam hawk is driving me crazy!!! It is making me DROOOOOOOOOL:p in anticipation over my VN hawk I ordered!!!!:p :p :p