Vintage, used slips and traditionals: NOW $20 each


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Nov 30, 2012
For Sale: Prices are PP G&S. Shipping in USA included.
Please mark an "I'll take it" followed by an email to [email protected] for my PayPal info. (Please don't PM me unless you don't have email.)
All are used to various degrees and all have no boxes. Sold As Is.
Sale is crossposted. More pics here:

$20 each:
1-Bear and Son Smooth White Bone One Armed Bandit - SLD
2-Browning Japan No. 340 Jigged Bone 2 blade Pen Knife
3-Schrade USA Ducks Unlimited Wood Small Stockman
4-Queen Cutlery #14 Peanut Faux Winterbottom Bone - SLD
5-Kabar USA 1071Little Stockman
6-Moore Maker Stag Lockback - SLD
7-Buck 501 Squire Vermejo Park Ranch Edition (2015 date Code) - SLD
8-Kershaw Japan 4200 Big Joe Lockback - SOLD
9-Victorinox Alox Pioneer
10-Victorinox Alox Pioneer
11-Victorinox Alox Pioneer
12-Victorinox Alox Soldier Cadet - has initials on pile side
13-Victorinox SAK Huntsman Lite

Moore Maker Smooth White Bone Large Stockman - SOLD
Moore Maker Stag Trapper - SOLD
Moore Maker Smoothe Green Bone Mini Trapper - SOLD
AG Russel Stag Lockback ATS-34 - SOLD
Moore Maker Wood Lockback - has company logo on scales - SOLD
Camillus USA #67 stockman - SOLD
Buck USA 303 Cadet Stockman Pearl Celluloid (2003 date code) - SOLD
Schrade Walden NY Butter & Molasses 2 Blade Jack (1946-1950s date stamp) - SOLD

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