Vitex Glass Knife

Mar 20, 1999
I recently purchased an old Vitex Glass Knife Similar to the one shown below. (The edge on mine is pristine.)
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The knife is molded with a raised star pattern on the handle. Box lid markets the knife for use with Tomatos, Jello, Cakes, etc. This sucker is SHARP. It will shave hair.

Give it a nice cord wrap and a kydex sheath and you've got a nifty and stealthy little piece. The knife is the same OAL as my AFCK. More blade, less handle. (Sorry, I can't find a ruler!)

I have seen these in Blue and Pink glass also. If you are interested, they have been selling lately on the on-line auction services. This one was less than $15.00 with shipping included.
I've never seen anything like this before. Is it really glass like you'd find in a drinking tumbler or is it some kind of glass resin? Not knowing I'd be worried about how fragile it is. Tell us more please!

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What's the diffence between glass and glass resin? Natural vs. manmade? It feels like glass. It has a "seam" like it was made in a 2 piece mold, so I assume it was molten glass at one time and just pumped in. It probably is fragile, but I don't think this would be a camp knife.

Ithought this was another one of them glass fiber thangy threads.

I wonder if these are availible commercially anywhere.I would like to have one or two of these myself!!


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The4th - The knife was created mid century, probably in the 50's. It was created by a Chicago "Pitchman" ("FrenchY Bordeaux) as a vehicle to break the "Knife exlusives" in Fairs by Popeil's Feathertouch (the predecessor to the Sharpcut & the Ginsu). It was pitched as a tool for cutting chiffon. It is glass and is very fragile and will easily careful.

BTW, "Fenchy" was instrumental in my originally creating the Sharpmaker. Smart man.

Thank you, Sal! I bow to your vast and amazing historical knowledge.

Isn't the knife kind of heavy? Ie: around a pound?

I need a bigger bucket.
Cool. I've seen these in a couple of antique stores. Now I'm wondering how you sharpen it?
I don't know what it weighs. No ruler OR scale! My REKAT Carnivore feels heavier.

Ask Sal how to sharpen glass. I'll bet he knows!

If you haven't seen the new SF movie called "Virus", it has a good guy welding what looks like a green glass Khukuri - and he supposedly severes a robot's arm with it, among other things. I wonder who made the prop?


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My Grandmother has 2 of those- really sharp- and they get these really cool conchoidial fractures along the edge (like an obsidian knife- almost the exact same thing) that gives them a serrated-like edge- These glass knives were really intended for some specific purpose, but I've forgotten

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I've sharpened them on very fine grit diamonds, slowly and with very light pressure.