Wally Hayes Damascus Tanto - Beautiful!!


Jun 30, 1999
Wally Hayes is an ABS Master Smith and president of the Canadian Knifemakers' Guild. He lives and works out of a little town near Ottawa, Ontario. He forges his own damascus and works a variety of steels, and I have examles of his work inf O1 and 52100, which is particularly nice. But his damascus is extraordinary. He busies himself nowadays with swords and higher end blades somewhat out of my range, but he does make a few simpler knives and I understand he's working on an affordable tactical line. Wally's big camp knife was one of the very few that performed exceptionally well in the Knives Illustrated performance test in 1997. That's why I first became interested in his work. Only later did I see his tantos and damascus work. A great combination if you can get it, great performance and great looks, like me
. [sorry, couldn't help myself]

The knife is 14" OAL of which about 7.5" is blade. About 400 layers, proper tanto blade, and wrapped and epoxied over rayskin. I will add further details of the steel composition etc. later, but for now let me say that it is incredibly light and fast in the hand, sharp, of course - and absolutely beautiful.
The picture that I have attempted to post below does no justice at all to the knife but a better picture should be available on Wally's new site in a few weeks. The damascus pattern is much more well defined and extends unbroken throughout the entire length of the blade. Heck, even my wife thought it was beautiful, and she usually hates my knives. The leather sheath is simple but nice, but Wally is very accomodating to reasonable custom specs.I understand a similar knife might be made for about $500, but anyone interested should contact Wally directly. I've tried to hyperlink to his site as well. This is a great knifemaker and a great guy. I love this knife!
Hereafter, my attempts to post picture and hyperlink:



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Sorry, can't seem to get the ubb to work with photopoint. Kind of anticlimactic and aggravating, eh? Oh, for you USA folks, huh?
Until I become computer literate [don't hold your breath], pester Wally to put the image on his site. It was a lousy picture anyway. But believe me, it's a nice knife.
Hey HJK...

Yaa I was looking at that as well..
Nice blade Eh !!!
Wally makes some really nice Damascus blades..

How'd you like that Big A$$ed Sword he had there.. Cool Eh !!

Actually I took a couple of Wally's knives home for sheathing..

Really nice guy to chat with as well...

ttyle Eric...

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Hi Eric! You're talking about the Conan The Barbarian sword? I guess you have to be Schwartzennegger or a Viking to actually use the thing, but it was pretty cool. The swords that blow me away are his japanese blades. Last show Wally brought one that was so gorgeous and so incredibly balanced and fast it was amazing. He's studying and refining his authentic japanese techniques, even though he's already a Master and makes incredible stuff. Whenever a small work is available, it's a treat. I think he tries to make time for some simple ones just to mix it up and have a bit of a break from time to time.
One of these days I'll have to get you to make me a sheath. If Wally is doing it, I'm convinced, although I never really had any doubts. But I'm going to take that one to another thread
Way to go, David!

The pattern didn't come out very well in the picture, and you also can't see how nice and very detailed the knot is just before the blade. Thanks for helping out a computer-challenged lawyer.
Another Hayes tanto. This time with folded cable and traditional clay heat-treat.

<img src = "http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/Towers/5957/bigtanto1.jpg">

<img src = "http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/Towers/5957/w-hamon.jpg">