Walther neck knife?

Oct 30, 2000
I just saw this for sale on an internet site, has anyone bought one of these? Comments? Who makes them for Walther? Any info on the steel, etc?



"sharks and dogs" he muttered, "sharks and dogs...."
Here is what the Knifecenter says about them:

"The first Walther knife the KnifeCenter has offered is this 8.2 inch fixed blade. The cutting edge is about 3.6 inches long. It features one piece 440A stainless steel (hardened to 56-58C Rockwell) construction with a simple hollow ground edge and braided cord wrapped handle. The sheath is Kydex. A neck cord is included so that the sheath can be tied around the neck. An attachable belt clip is also included."

They are selling them for $34.95 and the page says they are in stock.

Here is a link to their page:

Dennis Bible
Saw it too when I checked out KC last night. Looks ok, but there are so many choices in terms of neck knives now it is hard to choose. Plus custom neck knives don't cost that much more. Hard choice.


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