Wanted: Knife review on Bush Ranger.


Jul 15, 1999
Hey all I am considering the purchase of a carbon v Cold Steel Bush Ranger. Here is what I would like to know. Will it fit into a Jump sheath? How well does it hold an edge? How sturdy is the sheath? Can I have a basic knife review on it? Thanks. Oh also how well does the handle fit into your hand? Is it comfy? Thanks. BTW I also am looking to buy one check the Knife Wanted page. Thanks.

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My brother and I each have a Carbon V Bush ranger and have owned them for about 18 mos.
The knife has a functional cordura nylon sheath that is rather rigid, and has a leg tie and D ring at the bottom. The knife itself has a 7 1/2" blade with a black coating. The knife came very sharp out of the box, is easy to sharpen, and seems to hold and edge well. we use them for backpacking/hiking and remote camping. They get used for everything from clearing a sleeping area to preparing food.The handle seems to be Kraton, it's very comfortable, and sits well in my slightly larger than average hand.Has a double guard, and lanyard hole thru which I have a loop of paracord. It's lighter than it looks, carries easily on the belt or pack.It's not the knife to chop wood with, not heavy enough for that, but otherwise has great utility. I recommend it.

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How well does the coating work in preventing corrosion? Does it scratch off easily? My carbon v blades[uncoated] have always rusted very easily in adverse conditions whatever I try [tuf cloth, marine tuf cloth, renaissance wax, oil, etc]
I feel that the blade coating does it's intended job well. The only time I have ever had any rust on the knife was after a very wet trip in the woods, the edge of the blade had some rust spots on it, the coated areas were protected. The rust came off the edge easily. I use the Marine Tuf-Cloth and that works better for me, it's designed for wet enviornments and seems to protected exposed metal surfaces well.

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Ditto to the previous review. The BR is one of the best knives you will find anywhere near that price. The edge geometry is fantastic. Mine came with a very thin edge, which is how I like it, but be craeful chopping anything heavier than wood with it. By the way, I think it chops smaller wood, up to 3" or so, really good. The thin edge makes up for the light weight.The Carbon5 is definitely the awy to go, just watch the edge and you are OK. Would make a great fighter if need be, also.

I agree with the previous two posters. One of my favourite camping knives. Definetly Carbon V.
I carry a new KaBar USMC Classic myself, but i purchased a Ranger Factory Second for my girlfriends pack and I tell ya, for the money it was so worth it!

Carbon V kept a great utility edge forever, though the razor edge it shipped with was worn after three days of wood and stick chopping. The knife NEVER showed more then the slightest hint of rust-and this only after being left out in a light snowfall overnight. Although I keep it utility sharp, it did take an easy edge the few times I precision sharpened it.

As far as the sheath...I got a cheap one with the Second, so I don't know about it being "Jump Ready". I do know the sheath it came with, although cheaper, has withstood rough hiking, and incredibly rough weather! We were in the hill of N.C. during some incredible rain from Floyd!

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Little note...to avoid rusting out in the field-try a little motor oil from your dip stick before trekking in! I little goes a long way!

God's choices in inflicicting suffering are unsatisfactory to us, or understandable. Clearly he needs some help in directing the fury with which he flogs the earth...