Warning: m2k problem

Oct 7, 1998
I must admit, I have been taken by surprise. With all the talk about the y2k problem, I have missed another noteworthy upcoming event: when BFC reaches 2,000 members. In short, the m2k problem.

I don't think that this problem should be underestimated. Big changes could occur, the unnatural could be come the natural. For example:

When we reach 2,000 members, Mike Turber could kick his Viagra habit.

Spark could start writing programs which lack bugs.

Thaddeus could stop wearing chain mail to work.

Rich Lucibella could become an advocate of Marshall and Tarnow. He would also star in a new TV show, combining the best of 'Airplane' and 'Taxi,' called, 'Taxi that Airplane.'

DC could declare that she has finally been won over by my intelligence, wit, good humor, and integrity; declare her undying love for me, and insist we get married immediately, so that we can live happily ever after. She would also become a liberal.

Donna would stop sweating when the temperature is over 55 degrees Farenheit

bald1 would spontaneously grow a luxuriant head of hair.

MadDog would make a Tactical Folder. Out of stainless steel.

Jim March would get rid of all his mouse guns and get a .45 ACP 1911A-1.

Les de Asis would realize that while the internet only accounts for 10% of sales, this percentage is subject to rapid change. In an upward direction. Further, Benchmade would include an allen wrench with each knife they sell, for ease of disassembly by the ELU. Such disassembly would not void the warranty.

JAB would fulfill his destiny, and overthrow the ruler of a certain Middle East country, whose initials are SH.

Rob Simonich would find an old Indian cure for the affliction of his member.

Christine would come to her senses and ditch Rob faster than Rob can do the horizontal cha-cha (which, I understand, is pretty fast).

Mark Boyer would give up tamper-resistant Torx fasteners, and admit that his new bride is actually a sheep. (I'm in love with ewe, ewe, ewe...).

Kit Carson would let a knife slip out of his shop with a scratch somewhere on it.

I am sure that other members can come up with more situations that directly concern us, but these are the first ones that come to mind. Please, let's hear from the rest of you. Walt
Les Robertson would start preaching "anything that says custom must be one", and start selling Sebenza's, and MadDogs. He and Ernest Emerson will start a joint venture.(which is ok, because the knives won't be delivered until m(st)3k)


I like my women like I like my knives: strong, sharp, well-formed and pattern-welded!
Walt Welch would start a post by writing:

"Well, what I like to carry while driving all depends. See, I drive a . . . well, never mind, it doesn't really matter what kind of car I drive."


Gwin; I just got my 911 back. After six weeks of being in the shop. $23,000 worth of mechanical and body work. A colleague of mine, a radiologist, hit me from behind at fairly high speed.

So, I have had to drive my old Porsche around for some time. My 7 yo likes it best, however, as he gets to sit in front (no air bag in the old one).

Of course, I only mention the Porsches as the storage compartment varies as to location and size between them.
M2K ALERT! It is starting!

I recently asked a question on the Benchmade forum and...now please, I swear I am telling the truth...BENCHMADE ANSWERED IT. Granted, it was asked 3 times over a 2 month period, but its a start. No sign of allen wrenches yet, though.

More M2K predictions:

Walt Welch strips completely nude for the first time in years and, devoid of all of his habitually carried survival gear, discovers he is 38lbs lighter than he previously estimated.

Tom Marker, a Master at Tom Soo Do, gives a free clinic on 'tactical licking.' (You gotta ask Tom...)

A Himalayan Imports khukuri breaks after being used to pry Linda Tripp away from a 55 gallon drum of Ben and Jerry's ice cream. Bill Martino honours his lifetime warranty, but only after noting publically "there's no way in hell that could be considered 'normal use.'"

Danelle provides Bladeforms.com with an exclusive photo. Sales of the photograph outnumber the figures of all the bladeforums knives combined.

Sal Glesser becomes president of Hair Club for Men.

The federal gov't indicts Sal Glesser on charges of conflict of interest, after Spyderco markets it's Hair Club For Men Custom Collaboration Hair Clippers.

REKAT begins production of the Pocket Claymore, a 5' sword that, according to company literature, "folds into a convenient and concealable 2'6" package."

Jim March actually waits 2 days before buying one.

Ken Cook admits that he is actually a touchy-feelly liberal who thinks guns are "evil."

Hee hee!


Hey! Uncle Sam!

(_!_) Nyah nyah nyah!

Refund! You lose! :)

The unnatural becoming the natural?

*Spyderco not mentioning a new model until the day of release

*Dexter Ewing lets his hair down and says a four-letter word

*Vince's daily carry is something that's actually available to the public


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James Mattis will realize that he can move the cutting board closer to the edge of the counter and vastly improve his range of tactical kitchen knives.

Jim March will put on a dress and go looking for bargains at local hardware stores.

Walt Welch will donate every knife he has more than one of for BladeForums give-aways.

Bill Martino will emigrate to Nepal and open up a brewery.

Mike Turber will get a job as VP in charge of customer service at Benchmade.

djo62 will turn out to be a fat guy with a muscle shirt and a lap-top.

Spark will make me a MIRC moderator so I can change the dorky topic slogans that keep getting left in there.

Lynn Thompson will be elected Mr. Congeniality at the Blade Show.

Sal Glesser will be seen staggering around the streets of Golden, Colorado muttering something that sounds like, "Heah's a quattah; call someone who cayuhs!"

David Rock

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Doc, Christine want to know if you have been watching again! Huka Hey Shunka Unkchey! Pila Maye Wechasha.

I gotta hand it to you pal, you always seem to hit the right chord with these threads, be it a technical one on cutlery steel metalurgy or one like this that has even me questioning if Rob and Christine are right in that you in fact did sequester a miniature transmitting video camera in those packages that made their way to Clancy..... we know some people like to watch even if the cha-cha is very quick

Finally heard from Okinawa... he has your e-mail address and his is erichca07@hotmail.NOSPAM.com. Still too much field time, etc. I'm sure you'll hear from him shortly. Number two son starts at the SD police academy in about two weeks. Told LA no way after a 2 day paid visit to their academy.

...struggling with two mirrors to get the right angle to see the top of my dome in an effort to verify a small patch of what could be new growth..... who knows
! hehehehehe


I did NOT escape from the institution! They gave me a day pass!

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I could go to a knife show with Dexter Ewing and find a knife that Dex doesn't already own.


Deo Vindice

Hey David Rock, I am the fat guy with the muscle shirt, no lap-top, but I got a lot of lap, heheheheeee.
Chris, Top of Texas Knives

there is no y2k bug problem.....it was all invented by slick willie to get his imf team in place so he could declare martial law on dec 31st.....thats why he started bombing yugoslavia....to get us all ready for the new supreme commander and the new world order.....he will solve all our problems... am just waiting for that fatal head wound to be healed and the mark on my forehead...
Hey Tom - You been reading the "Left Behind" series too?


Deo Vindice

The Left Behind series is about the end times written in a decidedly Christian fashion. Authors are Tim LaHaye Jerry B. Jenkins. The first five books in the series are out, with a new one to follow every 6 months or so. Easy reads, not Tom Clancy level detail, very interesting books. I read the first five books in about 6 weeks. I can't wait for the next one.

There is a website dedicated to the series. Info, message boards, etc...


Here's the links to Amazon.com's review pages on the series:

<a href="http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0842329129/o/qid=925537943/sr=2-1/002-1517949-9414061">Left Behind</a>
<a href="http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0842329218/ref=sim_books/002-1517949-9414061">Tribulation Force</a>
<a href="http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0842329145/ref=sim_books/002-1517949-9414061">Nicolae: The Rise of Antichrist</a>
<a href="http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0842329153/ref=sim_books/002-1517949-9414061">Soul Harvest: The World Takes Sides</a>
<a href="http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0842329161/ref=sim_books/002-1517949-9414061">Apollyon : The Destroyer Is Unleashed</a>


Deo Vindice

Walt will finally realize that he has waaaaay too much time on his hands.

DC will slap Walt.

Spark will get smart and make me a moderator.

Mrs. Cobalt will buy Cobalt knives

Bald1 will grow some hair.

Bubba will run out cigars.

Spark will get even smarter and make me moderator of 2 forums.

Les will start refering to MicroTech as True Custom Knives


Cut open a mans box and he will be happy for a day. Teach him to cut and he will be happy forever.
M2K alert:

I was reported just a few minuits ago that Doc Walt Welch was out shoping for a hat.

Life is like a box of knives...

I've got "Tribulation Force on my desk right now! Love the series...