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Warren Axe & Tool SAGER Jersey Pattern 3lbs 9oz

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Dec 12, 2002
Pretty rare to find in very good condition. I began the cleanup and only the mushrooming at the top of the eye remains to be done. Has a couple of dings in edge that will sharpen out- I cleaned the edge up and have it about as far as I go before mounting. I cleaned up the burrs and dings on poll and under the chin where someone used a hammer to knock it off a handle.

Tools I use- wire wheel on grinder motor, files, stones, paper and steel wool- no grinding.

weight- 3lbs 9oz
edge to poll- 6 1/2"
toe to heel- 5"
eye- 2 3/8X3/4(without the burrs)

Price 75.00 delivered in US. Paypal or USPS money order.

Not open for further replies.