Waterproof warm up jacket?

Jan 20, 2006
I have an LL Bean warm up jacket - elasticated wrists and waist, light fleece lining for the body - had it for about 12 years and it's a favourite. Here in Auckland it isn't really cold though it gets cool (40s-50s F in winter) and windy and rains. The jacket is ideal for casual use over a shirt except when it rains. I had a look to see if Bean do a Goretex version, but no. I've got some serious outdoor waterproof gear. I just want a casual jacket that will keep the rain out. I spotted the Marmot Transit Jacket. That has Membrain tm which I don't know. Is it as good as Goretex?
Any ideas or recommendations?


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Oct 2, 1998
They do have a waterproof version of their warm-up jacket though instead of Gore-tex it utilizes their own version. (I forget the name, TEK 2.5 or something like that.)

Anyway, I remember buying one this past year when it was marked down drastically to use with my non-waterproof version of the same jacket.

The only thing is, I think, that the rating on the jacket is for colder temperatures than what you've described and sounds like it might be overkill.