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Attention Website Pictures and Testimonials!

Discussion in 'Osprey Knife & Tool' started by Osprey Knife & Tool, Jun 21, 2018.

  1. Osprey Knife & Tool

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    Jun 4, 2014
    Website Pictures and Testimonials!

    As many of you already know I have begun to build my own website! This has been an exciting and humbling journey so far. I feel like I have made good progress and have achieved my goal of building a Home Page on my Website that gives an authentic feel as an Online Store Front.

    I have already reached out to a handful of you for permission to use your pictures and testimonials.

    I have already begun to add some as well. I want to show off the strong community following for this brand and also have a platform to feature cool photos of you guy's using your knives or just taking eye catching photos.

    Any an all submissions would be appreciated!

    Please take a moment to look around if you have not already!


    Photo Criteria:

    • You must be in legal possession of photo (You need to have either taken the photo yourself or have the permission of the original photographer.)​
    • Must be a Clear Photo of the Knife or some Feature on it.
    • Must not contain any other distinguishable logos other than Osprey K/T (If there are other logos they will need to be cleanly edited out)(Sheaths of Sheath makers or other brands I have an already established relationship with are the only exception and will be considered on a case by case basis.)
    • No distinguishable individual faces.​
    • The Picture Must Feature or Highlight the Osprey K/T Knife or Knives.​
    • Scenery and Landmarks are a Huge Plus!!!​
    • In use shots are a plus as well!!​
    • A Short description would be useful but not necessary.​
    • Lets keep it appropriate please.​

    Testimonial Criteria:

    I wanted to reach out to you guy's the people that use Osprey K/T knives everyday for testimonials, after all I believe that a customers words are the strongest from of marketing! I will also be adding a customer review section on the page! But I wanted to use a few catchy testimonials from you guy's

    • Simply state in a few sentences or less why you like, buy and or use Osprey K/T.​
    • Please provide either a first name, handle or moniker for quoting purpose would be helpful but not required. (No last names please! Unless you are representing yourself in your professional capacity.)​
    • If you are planning on representing yourself in your professional capacity and are representing an entity other than yourself or one you do not explicitly control further consents maybe required and I request that you refer questions and submissions via my email [email protected]

    All Submissions can be made either here or via my email at [email protected]
    I can also access dropbox for those of you with larger files.

    Thank you!
    Chris Linton
    Osprey Knife & Tool
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