Weekly Round-Up

Oct 2, 1998
I thought it would be fun if on Fridays we could have a round up of what knives we ordered, came into possession of, or were having serious thoughts of getting in the last week.

A good way of tracking trends. For example, Microtech Nemesis have become available this week, how many of us have taken steps to get one?

Take Care,

I ordered a White Wolf Pocket Pro a few days ago. Now I am wondering if it was the right choice. I had 200 bucks, I got the Pocket Pro for 130 now I am looking for a nice folder for 70. Maybe i could have spent the whole duece on something better. Anyone have any ideas the next time I face this dilemna ?
I got a little out of control this week! On the way I have: GT Mini auto
Buck auto
Giant Dalton Cupid
(and since I didn't get anything at the NY show possibly a Microtech Hawk)
My name is Nick and I'm a knifeaholic !
OK, lets get this ball rolling. I’m guilty of ordering a Nemesis, then as a after thought I told the dealer to through in a D/A SOCOM for good measure. And tomorrow I’m going to the NY show. Oh when will my evil ways end. My name is Lucky Dog and I too am a Knifeaholic.

Red Faced Dog
I have a Spyderco Moran on the way from Little River Trading and Knife Co. BTW Frank Norman was really helpful and the price is unbeatable. Thanks Frank!

I got a large lefty Sebenza from Chris Reeve at the New York Custom Knife Show. There should be a custom knife show every Friday nearby where we all live, don't you think?

Greg Namin
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Ok, this week I got a Spyderco Endura (old style) from Bullman Cutlery (www.bullmancutlery.com), a numbered Viele (215) from Jim Six (thanks, Jim!), a custom FB to test from madpoet (who is at the NY show now), and a Franklin Mint Commemorative Ninja stealth Princess Di knife from the Home Shopping Network.

Haha! Ok, just kidding, I didn't really get a Viele from Jim!

Oh boy, sometimes I'm WAY too easily amused.

Antonella Giordano

My former user ID was "Antonella"--it's still me!
This week I purchased a MOD tempest and a EDI genesis. Both terrific, that genesis almost seems underpriced. Now contemplating a large sebenza
I got my second james brothers Cheyenne and have a Cold Steel Oyaban (11" blade) on order.
The James Bros. is for trade for a large Sebenza. Its a beautiful knife, but I already have one and need the Sebenza to complete my collection.
This week, I didn’t get any knives.

Last week, though, I transacted my butt off with private parties and bought a Crawford Kasper Folding Fighter at great savings, saved half on a used Emerson SpecWar and bought a 10-year-old Randall Model 15 for a price I still have trouble believing! Nice week.

That’s why, this week, I rested.




Jim Six
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Well this may not really qualify as this week as I initiated my talonite projects some time ago.

Rob Simonich already has the stretched Tactical Cetan blade ground and is simply awaiting carbide drill bits to continue work.

But Trace Rinaldi and I have exchanged e-mails about the design he will be making. Originally we looked a a slightly stretched Spook, but know we have a new design which marries his Sharkstooth handle to a modified LUK blade for an OAL of 8.5". Should prove interesting!

Bless you. Since you were the one who got me on this Sebenza thing, I KNEW you would possess "The Holy Trinity" sooner or later.
Oh Yeah,
Forgot to list my latest acquisitions: Dalton Mini-Gatekeeper, MD Mongoose, (dullest knife I have ever received, or for that matter, have ever held in my hands, in my life), Mirage X Micro, (very neat knife and unlike the Mongoose came very sharp).
Ok..I'll play
This week came a Large SOCOM, plain edge, black coat...I just had to match the mini in black I got last month.
Also a GT mini auto...just for fun. I wanted to give these for presents, however the lock up after 20 openings is a little loose....hmm... maybe something more proven is in order.
After reading the above I feel "low rent" here.
I ordered the large and small CS Vaquero Grandes from SMKW for $30 and $35, respectively.

Hummm.. OK but hope my wife does not read this.

I ordered 5 Leatherman Wave's from ABC-Direct. Gift's for my friends and a Micra for her. Just today I ordered a Stealth Cheyenne (also ABC) and I will get it Monday and let you guys know what I think about it. Ordered a Spyderco Endura from KnifeCenter last week. Have not got it yet but should soon.

In the last week and a half...
1. 1990 Winchester #3995 $40.00
2. Spyderco Police $63.00
3. Buck 181X Odyssey1 $25.00
1) Microtech - Halo 1 number 10, with term anti personnel written on blade, partly serrated.

2) microtech CFO.
I am with RPM! I just recieved a full sized SoCom DA to keep my mini SoCom company. It was intended to be a "sit on the shelf knife".

But I blew it. The number one law of new knives... Never loan it to a non-knife person. He was just gonna show a friend of his. Now my nes SoCom has no TIP! I was bummed till I got over my self... So, learn the lesson folks... Till the blush wears off, don't let ANYONE borrow it!

Older and wiser...