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Went to the Mall last night

I did escort duty for the family to one of our local malls last night. While they shopped for clothes, I checked out the knife places. They were Chesapeake Knife & Tool and a place called International Knife something or other.

I like Chesapeake Knife & Tool because I get to handle everything I haven't had in my hand before - when they're not too busy. Fortunately they weren't this time - I was the only one there. Of course after handling all their neat knives and exchanging views on personal carries with the store person, I did make the obligatory small purchase. Their knifes were too expensive, so I purchased a small sharpening accessory.

The store person in the International Knife place wasn't too busy either, so I showed him how to get his Junglee folder shaving sharp. I loved sharing some tips - most of which I learned on this forum, the other forum and rec.knives. Also, the International Knife place had a few lower end Spydercos, but the salesperson had never seen a Civilian - so I showed him mine.

Altogether an enjoyable trip to the mall.
You have TWO knife stores in a local mall?

I've got a 45 minute drive to the nearest knife store. Not that I ever go there.

Is this kind of proliferation of knife places common in the US?
Oct 14, 1998
The International Knife place wasn't really a store. It was one of those large booth type setups in the middle of the mall walking area. It had three or four large display counters fill of sharp stuff.

I really only expected one place though, and was really happy to see two. I hope this becomes the norm.