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Wharncliffe STIFF KISS version: Where can I get one?

Apr 24, 1999
Hey everyone, I was reading the June issue of Blade and in the New For '99 article I saw a Wharncliffe blade version of the now famous STIFF KISS. My question is, where are they, and how much? I'm actually looking for an internet store, with a good rep, doesn't charge an arm and a leg for shipping (unless I get it w/in 2 days), doesn't overprice their stuff, and has a good return policy. You see, when I think of all these things, Discountknives.com comes to mind--but they don't have 'em. Has CRKT even released these into production, or were they just punishing me for not buying the S-2? Help me, please! I NEED this knife!
Thrawn - if this is the smaller KISS, known as the "Peck" or "Delilah's Peck", you may want to do a search in this forum before buying - I recall some 'net dealer sating that he had problems with the knife opening unintentionally and biting him. Others then echoed this criticism. I know how knife-mania can strike and create lust beyond reason (my overflowing knife-drawer will attest to that) but you might want to research this knife before you buy it. Sorry.
Hey Fishface,
Sorry, I'm not looking for the P.E.C.K. It's actually a Wharncliffe blade version of the STIFF K.I.S.S. No joking! Look at the June issue of Blade, it's in the back section. Honest, it exists (at least as a protoype version, I guess), and, if it's anything like the original STIFF K.I.S.S., then I'm in for a treat. Anyway, just wanted to clear things up.
Is the blade of this KISS made out of real steel or that puddy the STIFF was made in?

Can that crap be hardened?

I want a Light Saber for Christmas
This version's made out of AUS6A just like all the others. That's the only thing I can really complain about, just like you. I've tried to use it for some semi-heavy duty stuff and ended up mauling the edge. Oh well, that's what DMT sharpeners and Spyderco systems are for... Also, I don't know if it can be hardened, but would mind seeing an ATS-34 version of either STIFF KISS version.
You can have it in ATS34. You just have to buy the custom version from Ed Halligan


Nope, it was the STIFF KISS. Damn, I wish I had a scanner so I could show all of you. Anyway, James, how much is that original ATS-34 version of Halligan's STIFF KISS, if I may ask?
Aha! Corroborative evidence! Thanks so much, Titan! Or should I say salamat po? You filipino, or live there long enough to actually be able to express gratitude in the native tongue? I've seen some of your other posts, and saw you using that. If you are, cool! There ARE other pinoy knife nuts like me out there! Anyway, you're probably right, CRKT will release the version later this year. Bummer...
Thrawn -- pinoy na pinoy! tatlo na tayo dito, kasama si Dannyc! May isang kano, si RJ Talas, na nakatira na dito sa Pinas at marunong ng mag-tagalog. mag-sulatan tayo off-forum, ok?

Welcome to the Forum!

(Sorry folks for posting in our native language...)

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Sorry, man, my parents never taught me tagalog, I only know bits and pieces. Sucks, eh? I speak other languages, though, which is ridiculously ironic. Anyway, wanna run that by me again. I get most of it, like there are three pinoys on Bladeforums, but couldn't understand the rest. Where are you and the rest of the guys located, anyway? I'm here in Washington. Besides that, how'd you get interested in knives? My dad told me about his teen years in Baguio and how he and his brothers used to tote around balisongs, but that was after I started martial arts, which is how I got interested in them. Anyway, it's great to know there are more than just you and me out there. Catch you later.
A catalog I just got shows the warncliff version, it is called the Stiff PECK...it also shows a drop point version of the stiff kiss as well....look kinda neat...but the catalog did not give too much in the way of specs..