What blade coating does SOG use?

Oct 14, 1998
What "chemical" does SOG use on knives like the Seal-pup? At first I thought it was teflon, but I can't confirm it.

Thanks in advance.

The Seal Pup has a frosted appearance doesn't it? If so, I believe it is bead blasted, not coated.
I haven't held a SEAL Pup, but I have held a SEAL 2000, and the coating doesn't seem to be bead-blasting to me. It is rough, but it does not appear to be bare steel and the roughness seems to be something added, not the pitting of a bead-blast. I wish I could answer this question, but actually I'm just as curious about what that stuff IS!

Of course, it's only 440A under there anyhow, right?

It is grey powder coat over 440A.

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Whatever it is, I like it way better than the baked on powder on the Cold Steels. Wish CS would use the stuff.
I prefer the grey powder over the black-epoxy coating as well. What it is "exactly" I can't tell. Maybe it is a trade secret.
I believe the coating is teflon based. I used my seal pup in the snow for three days and the knife showed no signs of rusting. Plus after I use the knife to cut food, the grease washed off with ease. The only concern that I have is that the kydex sheath that came with the knife is really tight and is starting to wear off the coating on the side of the blade.