What did you get for Fathers Day?

Dec 20, 1998
I had a fantastic Fathers Day weekend! I got to spend two days hanging out with various forum members at the St. Charles show and also added an M/A SOCOM and a Kershaw Whirlwind to my collection. The Whirlwind is a blast to play with and is super sharp out of the box. (Just ask Tom Carey,he`ll tell you all about it....hehe!)The icing on the cake is the arrival of my blue Native today! So, how`d the rest of you do?

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My wife gave me a Spyderco Centofante (C25GP) & it is sweet.
Fit, finish, ergonomics, lock-up, etc. are all impeccable. It's a real classy little folder & will probably become my "dress pants carry" favorite. The edge is scary sharp & I already put the sharply pointed tip to good use removing a splinter from my finger.



Dad saw my Mini-Reflex a few weeks ago and liked it. He got one yesterday. My dogs were not to0 generous this year
, that's ok I am not their father anyway.
No sharp things on Fathers Day weekend. I got my cake and frosting today. First, I got a 6" Mother of Pearl 2 blade folding hunter - WOW - it's so gorgeous I can hardly stand it! That came USPS in the early afternoon. Then, later via UPS I got my BF Native. I'm just psyched - hard to put this day to rest!
Black bladed Halo 2 and an Arch Angel... hey, I have six kids!

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I got to see my son graduate boot camp.That was one awesome Fathers Day Gift!
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I did not really get anything for Father's Day, but Sunday June 20 was my birthday and I did get stuff.

My boyfriend got me one of those tiny neck Spyderco Police models. It is a great little piece, beautifully constructed! Now he's got a full sized Police, I've got a Rookie and we've both got the tiny Police neck knives.

Great birthday for me!

My father got a SOG multi tool from me. It's one of the new ones that is very small and had the spring assist. That was nothing, however, compaired to what my sister gave him. She made my dad a grandfather at 3:40 PM CST. Happy Grandfather's Day!!! -AR

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That William Henry will have to do for my father's day gift, sortof from myself but the wife and kids are happy too, first knife I brought home that my wife saw and thought it was beautiful! That made it easier!


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