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what do you all think of the CS voyagers and the el hombre

Oct 7, 1998
i just got the CS 4" tanto plain edge voyager and a plain edge el hombre. Damm these things are razors. i love them and they have already replaced my emersons 975 and 970sb. these will be fun to play with.

comments anyone?

yes i know all about aus-8 and ats-34 conflict but all things considered i still think these knives are impresive!
I have mixed feelings about CS's zytel line. On the one hand, I'm rather unimpressed with the 4" size and below. On the other hand, they're the only company really putting out big folders, and with the guts to put out an over-the-top folder like the Vaquero.

As far as <4" zytel-handled folders go, I'd choose an Ascent or especially a Spyderco over a Voyager. On the other hand, I don't think much of tanto folders for everyday use, but for that the CS is still the only game in town. In at least one test (done by Hilton), the combination of thin hollow-ground edge and soft 8A steel caused the edge to roll,
though he said it slashed really well until that happened.

But for the >4" folders, as a Californian I applaud CS for actually putting some out. I have an x-large tanto folder, and a Vaquero grande.

For the El Hombre, I really disagree with you on its performance. Not only isn't it a razor, but to say the El Hombre's performance from the factory is sub-par is really understating things. The edge is just too thick on the plain edge version to cut well, and I've tested mine against many other knives, so this isn't just a subjective observation. Mine wasn't just a bad El Hombre, all the plain edge versions were ground thick at the edge.

However, once I spent the time and sweat to grind the edge properly (not an easy feat on a recurved blade), the El Hombre *really* cut. The recurve, combined with a thin-edge flat-ground blade, does make the knife perform well.

Summary: The Voyagers aren't the highlight of CS's line by any means, but they are the only company with the guts to come out with the Hombre/Vaquero folders, and I like both.


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I can only use one word to describe the CS Folder line.

I may have missed something but why are spidies with AUS8A blades,zytel handles,a rocker lock and a non adjustable pivit pin considered to be great knives while the CS Voyager line with all the same features but a stronger lock are "disposable". I have both Spydie and CS knives and frankly the CS`s are beefier IMO,besides that they`ve both served me well. A buddy of mine who isn`t really a "knife guy" bought a Voyager on my recomendation and he abuses it terribly on a daily basis and it`s still going strong. Surely they`re far far from the best folder you can buy but they`re certainly not disposable. Marcus
I've had a VG since they came out. In fact, the "Grande" part of the name was only added after the 5" came out, so mine is marked "Vaquero" only.

At Knifignugen, it easily chopped the 1" climbing rope Kevin sadistically scored for use in free-hanging cut. The microserrations grabbed, bit and cleared the stuff where the DSU2-type serrations would *not* - lacking pointed teeth, the rope just "bounced off" the chisel-tooth MD pattern.

That said, it's nearly impossible to sharpen the CS microserrations. I've never needed to, because I consider it a "pure combat monster". Mag Dog's serrations are tougher and easy to sharpen but for some tasks, they aren't as agressive.

No Californian serious about legally-carried self defense should be without a CS VG, if only as a deep-cover backup.

Note: I'm about to start a thread on Shop Talk on homebrew sheaths, including plans for the experimental shoulder rig for the CS VG I had at K'Nugen. It's *fast* as hell, if we'd gotten around to the speeddraw-and-slash competition, that's the rig I'd have used in the concealed class.

Jim March
Not that i think CS knives are junk per say.
I have owned both a plain edge and serrated edge voyager. The plain edge went duller faster than any other zytel folder i own.
This is prob due to the very thin edge on the plain edge. I could never get it as sharp as when it was new. On the other hand i never had a problem getting the others as sharp if not sharper than when i got them.
The serrated edge is something that is prob impossible to sharpen.
The fact that CS will not even sharpen there own serrated blades is testament to this.

just my $.02

Uk! I had the 4" plain Voyager for several months. It was extremely clunky to tote, unlike the slim prifile of my BM's. The zytel pocket clip wouldn't spring back and so the knife wanted to practically fall off where it was clipped. About the only thing good I can say about it was that it was indedd razor sharp.
My Voyager ended up at the local pawn shop.
Both good knives, but I would have gone with the XL tanto plain voyager (I just gone mine 2 weeks ago) and the Vaquero Grande. Don't sharpen them to much, you'll give them a wire edge.