What do you guys think of this knife?

Jun 19, 2003
Like I said in the title. Does anyone have any experience with this one? I am looking at getting a fixed blade knife. I am a deer hunter and I field dress my own deer like every hunter should. I have been using some knives that my dad got for joining buckmaster a couple years back. They are really good knives but I don't like the handles. They are soft but they have grooves in them that the blood gets in and dries. I hate cleaning out the grooves. I have plenty of folders that I could use but once again I want a knife that is easy to clean. I am a big fan of spyderco so if I can get a spyderco that is a bonus. I like the VG-10 steel, and I don't have a problem with the price. I am just wondering what the handle is made off, and if it has grooves? Or if anyone has any other suggestions. I did see some nice buck knives in the cabelas catalog, but I really like spyderco.


So any info is great.


Mike T.


Jan 17, 2004
I don't own one of those Moran Spydies but they have always struck me as being an excellent choice for a hunter esp. if one is not concerned with a traditional look. The Moran looks like it would possess a very comfortable upside down grip like for splitting the brisket - that would be an important consideration for me.

The handle sounds strong and grippy - "The reinforced fiberglass handle is inlaid with Kraton inserts to provide a sure grip even when wet." (from the link you gave ;) )


Feb 27, 1999
Good choice for a hunting knife. Have the upswept model. Used mine in Alaska in 2001 to disassemble a moose and couple carribou. Comfortable grip, holds an edge ok and sharpens back up fairly easily. Lightweight and not noticeable in a pack or on the belt. Actually doesn't do a bad job doing double as a fillet knife in a pinch. I also use it for deboning and skinning deer - but not so much for field dressing deer.