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What do you mean you're out!?!

Jun 13, 2000
As the production supevisor and purchaser for a small company, I am occasionally disappointed by my online purchases.

My biggest disappointment is a dealer that advertises a product and doesn't have it in stock. Some of the larger dealers update their inventory daily (or even more often), I realize this is difficult for the smaller companies.

I buy online because the local stores do not carry what I am looking for, and it is convenient.

While I tolerate the wait for a custom knife well, I tend to get excited and chafe at the wait for a supposedly 'stock' knife.

Am I alone?

No. It does happen from time to time. Discount Knives are often accused of this.


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Man, Steve, dealers can't change their site everytime a knife goes out of stock.
You're not alone, though.
It took what seemed like forever to get my BM 710HS. Got it from 1sks. Mike went through hell with this order. It was supposed to have been sent to him three times, never showed up in the shipments, and Mike finally traded stock with a local dealer to get one, and next-day aired it to me at his expense.
Note: I was told it was out of stock, and ordered anyway.
Learned my lesson.
Well they could change it every time. Just keep all info in a database, and use info from it to display info on homepage.
Of course all depends on how computer savvy they are (or how much money they are willing to put out). If they operate their own server and they make enough on the operation it's probably worth it.

Of course they also have to make sure every product gets registered when coming in, as well as going out.

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Some sites do try, KnifeCenter and Skylands do a pretty good job and I commend them. It was after checking these two places and finding that they both were out that I decided to order from Bayou.

To Rogers credit, I received an e-mail telling me that they were out of stock on the item in less than 24 hours. I really appreciated the e-mail.

But geez! Can't a guy even get semi-instant gratification!?

Am I missing something here? Why not just call or email to see if what you want is in stock?