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What do you think???

Oct 17, 1998
What do you think of my design?


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That's pretty cool, clearly a lot of utility potential there. It kinda reminds me of a folding Spydie-style version of Blackjack's Trail Guide. Quick comments:

1) Where's the lock(and what is it)?

2) Maybe move the shoulders back towards the handle. Personally I don't care for the grind passing through the hole, though I guess my suggestion might thin the choil too much.

3) Round off the front of the handle and tang of the blade; when that is closed right now, it would have a sharp, straight top that looks to be almost 2" across. A rounder shape would draw easier and look nicer, IMO.

4) I think a very slight swedge for the clip portion of the blade would look snazzy without compromising strength significantly.

That's awfully nice, though. Any chance you'll make it? (Get that Spydie license for the hole first!)


(Why else would a bear want a pocket?)
Hi Corduroy,

Thank you for your reply. You make some interresting comments.

The lock could be a lockback, a rolling lock or a axis lock. It depents on who would make it. As far as I can tell the would all work. I dont much care for linerlocks, so non of that.

On this design I have drawn a Spydie hole for of all the opening devises I like that one the best, although there is no reason why a stud or a disk wouldn't work.

There are at this moment no plans to produce it (I am ownly a poor history student). Though if somebody should want to they are free to use it.

To me this was an exercise in designing a folder that would, for me, be close to the ultemate using folder for bolth utillity and self-defence. The first more than the latter though. I designed it also becourse I couldn't find what I was looking for on the market. And it was fun to do.
Let me know when they go into production!

Spyderco might be able to come close, using the handle of the Goddard model -


- and giving the blade a flat grind and a clip point, maybe with just a hint of a swedge along the clip. The Goddard blade is not quite as wide as The Baron's so it might or might not be a simple conversion.

Lets hear it for more SKU's!

The steel? 440V? 420V? Dendritic Cobalt? Unobtainium-Mithril Laminate?

So many knives, so few pockets . . . .

For defensive purposes I would put a more defined guard on it, such as a finger cutout a la BM AFCK. I too have a scrapbook of sketches of knife designs. I am sure that more of us tried to make a design one time, perhaps we could submit our 'amateur' designs to a dedicated forum. Well, maybe not, it would be easy to steal a design that has not been patented or otherwise protected.

Maar, het ziet er goed uit Jan Dirk!
Dank je wel Mr. Blonde,

James, the steel you mention are right on the money! Those are the ones I would choose. Also the Spydie Goddard was my insperation to designing.

Designing knives makes me understand knives better, and it is fun!