What is a weehawk blade.

Clintonsucks, I don't have a pic but do have several weehawks. It is a upswept blade with a straight false edge going about half way back that may or may not be sharpened.


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Check out the Dragon Forge web site.Mike sells a butterfly that looks like a wee-hawk but the Benchmades had much better looking grindlines at the time.Otherwise you would have to search the web pages
Gentlemen: Weehawks were NOT false edged. They were sharpened secondary edged knives that appeared on the early custom Balisongs.
Jeff Imada used a high Hollow blade as well as a Wee Hawk blade to demo the early PACIFIC CUTLERY Balisongs and his two Balisong books. I have never heard the weehawk term used outside of Pacific Or Beanchmade. I believe it might actually belong to them...I'm not sure of this.
Yes.. I have several early Balisongs from them including early Jody Sampson blades... including a Deep Belly Bowie custom.
Wee Hawks in the Balisong mode made on VERY aware of where one decided to insert ones fingers while twirling. On Jeff Imadas fixed blade versions it was just a sharpened clip on the blade!
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several Balisongs were shaped Weehawk fashion rather than being true weehawk blades.. It helped sell the lower cost lines of Balisongs including Benchmades own lines..Please pardon any mis-spellings...
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That sounds about right. I have a BM Panther with the "weehawk" blade. It`s sort of a pointy drop point with a half length false edge. I`m not a huge fan of this rendition of the weehawk blade but the knife as a whole has been great anyway. Marcus
Jody Sampson is synonymous with the Weehawk, but he once told me how taught it to him, and I can't remember who it was. Anyone know?