What is your favorite mini-pocket knife?

Nov 12, 1998
The ones I have personally played with (not much experience I know ^_^) are the mini-buck, mini-SOG, and Spydie Ladybug.

Of the three I liked the blade on the LB (serrations are useful) but I liked the opening with that teeny thumbstud on the mini-SOG best.

What do you guys like in a tiny keychain knife?

=- Craig
I don't know if it qualifies as mini but my SpyderCo Micarta Jesse Horn is an all around great little second or third pocket knife to carry.Workmanship and edge on it are suberb.
My smallest knife (currently) is a Vero Beach Mini UDT.

Great little snapper with an excellent edge.

I have a nice Koncept Knives drop point which would be a mini if it wasn't so chunky!

(Thanks to my bud Bill McWilliams for sending me that one.)

Oh, and Bill's gonna tell you that the Umfaan is the best little knife. (Save him some typing.


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First place goes to the Spyderco Dragonfly.
Second place goes to the Halligan K.I.S.S. (CRKT makes these now).


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Hi Craig, even though I'm somewhat embarrassed to admit it, I too like my Spydie LB. It seems to do the job for those little chores that require a small knife. My favorites:
1. Spydie Native
2. Buck Squire
3. Spydie Lady Bug (wish they called it something else)
4. Spydie Dragon Fly
5. Micra
Also, I agree with Strider. I played with my friend's Spydie Jesse Horn today. I would have to say that if I owned that knife it would be right up there.

Greg Mete
Kodiak Alaska

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The Spyderco Alum. Cricket is an excellent little carrier as well as the KISS Folder. Personaly, I don't go any smaller than a mini-socom.


Where are you people coming from!? The Leatherman Micra wins my vote. The next
closest thing in size that goes in my pockets is a large Sebenza.

1. Spyderco Dragonfly
2. Gerber LST

And LM micra is an essential carry.

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Ditto on the Micra. It has a nice set of tools for light work. It's great for attaching and removing computer cables, trimming fingernails, etc.

Another is the Swiss Army classic. Very light, and low on the intimidation factor.
I always have a CS mini-pal on my keychain. The punch-dagger style is suprising effective for opening boxes. My only complaint is the steel...what is it?!
I'm not much of a 'small' knife guy, but I give alot of them for gifts, and a couple of Fav/s are the Spyderco Dragon Fly and the Cricket. The Cricket is especially well recieved by ladies, and is really a pretty useful little blade. Mom keeps one from SANTE FE stoneworks[really impressive work], clipped in her purse. She likes it because she says its easy to open, pretty, and doesn't scare her friends too much. Oh yeah, she clips it on the other side of her purse, where it doesn't bang into her Colt .38 snubbie.

Micra's are always a hit, and the new SWISS TECH 'UTILITKEY'[sp] is really kewl.


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I like my Gerber LST. It has passed through many airport security checks. And for hanging off a keychain I`m surprised no one mentioned any of the smaller S.A.K.s.
People laugh at me all the time, but I've been carrying a little SAK "Rambler" for the last three years and I just can't get along without it.

It doesn't take the place of one of the large pocketclip folders I always have, but it seems to be in my hand more often. Doesn't intimidate people either.
The spyderco Dragonfly with carbon fiber handles is my favorite "tiny" knife (it is the only tiny knife I own). However, I actually prefer the Spyderco Michael Walker lightweight as a small knife even though it is not tiny. It opens more smoothly and feels more comfortable in the hand.

I saved my dog with this knife!

It came out of my pocket and opened up in a flash. It's large hole and well designed grip facilitate it's utilitarian purpose. Plus, it's relatively inexpensive...approx.$45-$50.

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1.Victorinox Pioneer. Red Alox handles, fit and finish is great, good essential blades, non-threatening. Full MSRP is $20.
2. Buck Master Series Squire. Fantastic fit and finish, non-threatening, and BG-42 steel! Great price as well for a bg-42 knife that you won't mind using hard....Jeff